Jul 6, 2007


Qori mai ..... here is the start of the land grab The Fiji Freedom Bloggers have been talking about all this time from the itaukei . Read it here

The sound of this article sounds like one of those slogans from Mao's little Red book ("all for the good of the people" and " revolutionize the social economy of the people"')

I think the Fijian regime has been reading too many Chinese
revolutionary books lately ! Dum Gai's - why Yu Bin Fling Ing Dung?!

If I read this right this scary article means Epeli will be TAKING - yes TAKING - the land from us and then "re-selling" the land back to us after the project is proven profitable ...... if it ever gets there - but its that process of even getting there that is eight-tenths (what do they say about possession ?) of the problem ! Woilei !

This opens up a tamani (huge) big bucket of baca ni qele (worms) !

What does it take for these idiots to realise that there is no such thing a s a free lunch with the Chinese. The first thing China will do which will be part of the "conditions" of the loan, will be to import thousands of Chinese to work the land - the second colonial wave in Fiji's history - the money derived from this work will all back to China to pay of the "Chinese grant" - which is really a money-shark loan. This is like giving you one chopstick to eat with ! As the old Chinese saying goes "Man with one chopstick go hungry." Only one place to put it eh !

Not to mention the introduction of a new wave of "colonizers" if I can call them that.

Before we know it our national resources will be taken from us - forestry and fishes and minerals - as China needs to find resources to feed their millions - and this idiotic band of illegals are falling right into this trap. All the Chinese have to do is find a desperate country and pounce !

If the illegal's decide to have a competition for a new flag, here's what it might look like.

Look, they don't even have to advertise so they could save themselves money and just accept my rendition.

Here is an interesting article for digestion :

And where do we end up ?

No where - and alienated from our own land ! Victims of someone's absolute stupidity, jealousy, hate and ignoramus. Read more about this issue at fellow bloggers Hearts and Minds Blog.

China, is willing to support Fiji without any strings attached, a recently completed Lowy Institute report on China's estimated aid program in the Pacific, revealed an increase in aid, from US$25 million in 2006 to a staggering $160 million in 2007. Australia only provided A$26.9 million.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, the Fiji Electriciy Authority and the Chinese Development Bank signed a US$70 million loan agreement to commence construction of the Nadarivatu Hydropower project.

Chinese loans are also helping to fund other infrastructure projects in Fiji. This is worrying Australia. The possibility of Fiji turning to China could undermine Australia's competing influence in the region.
Toso mai na people's revolution !


Keep The Faith said...

You too True Bubu!!! He he he trying my mandarin here..

Anonymous said...

People whats the bet that one of the real reasons Rt Epeli Master of Foreign affairs is in PNG is that he is having secret talks with the Chinese in PNG ?

Keep The Faith said...

The Chinese have been and gone -- they came earlier on when the junta first got their seats warmed.

Epeli N is probably trying to lobby melanesian wantoks to stand by Fiji...and that's gonna work (NOT).

Anonymous said...

what's gonna happen if the landowners can't afford to buy the farm back o the Kaijana does not want to sell????

Anonymous said...

Eggzakary ! Good point.

Anonymous said...

Wow thanks Bubu, recalling Paula Qereti the Kaivalagi wanabe kaiviti radio man once told us on Radio in Australia that Fijians originally came from China not Africa lol. I think maybe his grandfather is as we joked on his claim but it looks like he cud be right we either come from China or just join them in hahaha. Cheers

Anonymous said...

One of the indigenous people who have no land is Epeli himself. It's not that chiefs don't normally own land. Its just that his forefathers were so insignificant that they weren't given any. So much for wanting to be the Tui Cakau. Even the yavu their home (Vuniduva) is sitting onis not theirs.Vakalolomataki koya ni vakaraitaka mai na tamata liga malumalumu. Na turaga e vakatamata. O bokola e sega madaga ni dua na nona qele. Me qai lai dua vacava na nona tamata. Kaisi o koya.

Discombobulated Bubu said...

Vinaka anon 11.47 for your contribution to our discussion. I have great respect for the intellectual man that is Paula Qereti. He has taught a lot of us urban Fijians many things about our language and culture that we were/are in danger of losing. Sometimes God sends a person like him to remind us that our very survival as a race depends of the preservation of our language, traditions and culture.

You are correct in that he has quoted research (which I cannot place my hands on at this time- but will publish when I do) that shows Pacifica people's (including Fijians) DNA hail from the South China / Taiwan region. Our DNA and African DNA show no correlation or relationship. You must remember that the ancient people that inhabited China did not look like the Chinese that inhabit that continent now. They looked more like the native Malay's - sort of like a dark Rotuman ..... we share common DNA with Samoans, Tongans, Hawaiians, Maori,Kiribati, and the like.

Surprised ? You shouldn't be - we are all family in the Pacific.

Anonymous said...

This concept is typical of many chinese concepts of this nature. Some years back believe during SVT... there was a talk of establishing China towns in Fiji.. bringing the Chinese nationals etc... good for development, was the argument, they will build schools, post offices, hospitals roads,etc.. in the area.. However, it involves big money exchanges between paries (from the Chinese side to the agents here), laws has to be ammneded, illegal passport sales, etc.. it will become a base for chinese mafia and undergrpound operation etc operations. Chinese normally use this as windows for Chinese transition to USA mainly..also Australia .. cos Fiji is relatively better access that Aidsan countries. That is people will stay for say two to three years and move on to the States mainly.So there will always be a continuos flow in and out of chinese nationals thru these type of set up, involving thousands of people (imagine the commissions...) without government knowledge...and yes Ganilau and Co (perhaps Ahkoy as well) will get rich from such deals...But remeber what happened to these chinese in Solomions some 1 or 2 years back.. after they were beaten up by the locals... they all packed up and went back to china...same thing will happen here. But bottom line is... this is big business too and Ganilau knows that for sure.

Anonymous said...

Further to my comment above anonymous 5:47pm, Passport exchanges in international black market can be as high as 10,000us dollar per passport.Split between the parties ofcourse. Imagine in such a scheme you have 200, or 2000, or 20,000 Chinese coming in at anyone time.. the commissions.You do the math. They get access to Fiji.. but the final destination is USA. Tha'ts their goal...big proble.. and that's why Ganilau and co know very well its a lucrative business. Your concern on the land is well founded. But I am merely exposing the other side of the coin as well. With that kind of money and program.. they will stay in power till kingdom come.

Anonymous said...

The IG knows it hasn't got many friends among indigenous Fijians but what makes it think it will win support from Indians with its talk about doing something about all expiring cane leases. In June Ratu Epeli Ganilau said that he was going to make a major statement in the first week of July. Then he starts talking about leases based on market values outside ALTA. What's happening? How can you have a cane lease outside ALTA? What does he mean and what does Crazy Frank mean when he tells the landowners their land is safe. No-one can touch it. This is all bul***t. The IG will do nothing other than spin BS and lies. Their only concern is to stay in power. They are lying to everybody.

Only an elected government can deal with problems like the expiring leases. What Fiji needs is a multi-party government where Indian and Fijian politicians try to work together and that's just what Crazy Frank got rid of. With EU funds it might have been possible to find some solutions. For once we had a government that had ministers that had real support from both communities because Qarase did the right thing and followed the spirit of the 1997 constitution.

Now everything seems hopeless. The government has no monmey and landowners are getting angry and wanting more rent or compensation. So a lot of land is going to stay idle and Fiji's sugar production will go down when the country really needs it. And people who used to farm the land will have to find some other way to survive. Everybody is going to lose.

You only have to see Crazy Frank's interview with TVNZ to know what is wrong with the IG. Every question that Janette Macintire asked him was answered with a sideways look as he tried to think of the bull***t answer he was supposed to give. He doesn't even bother to work out his lies and bull***t before he goes on the program. How dumb is that? He has been telling us that the government was not elected fairly because of electoral fraud and corruption and then he said that an election next week would elect the same people. Sobo sobo!

Anonymous said...

It's amazing to see how it's difficult for Fijians to recognize that their ancestors can't have come to the Pacific directly from Africa (we are all coming from Africa anyway). It took many hundred of years to some people to recognize that our planet was a sphere, I wonder how many scientific evidences some Fijians will need to recognize the truth. Those narrow-minded Fijians are a topic of moquery for any enlighted human beeing.

Oh by the way, all living creatures have a common ancestor, did you kno that ?

Anonymous said...

Kai Taveuni sussed out Ganilau a long time ago - & its true about him occupying land that does not rightfully belong to him (them).

Anonymous said...

Why just change the Flag?

Why not decree that Franks image also appears on money?