Aug 7, 2007

Fiji's Innocent Nurses under Threat and Repression

Stories on
Hyde & Ceek and Fiji Times today August 7th.
How sad is this regime to resort to bullying our women and nurses who are standing up for their rights and this nation ! THIS IS A DAY OF SHAME FOR OUR NATION !

People please donate generously to our nurses nationwide fund as follows to assist them and the principles they represent :
Cash Donations can be wired or deposited directly into their account

Account Name - Fiji Nursing Association
Account Type - General
Bank - Westpac Banking Corporation
Account Bank Branch - Westpac Main Branch, Suva, Fiji Islands
Account Number - 371-870-00
Donations in kind can be delivered directly to picketing stations Fiji wide or to
FNA Head Office
29 McGregor Road, Suva, Fiji Islands
Ph - (679) 3305855
Fax - (679)3304881
E-mail -


Anonymous said...

Wailei ! We should be truly ashamed! I have always taught my family to be respectful of the policemen but now the last remaining shreds of respect are going down the river.

Anonymous said...

Field Marshall bananasinpyjamas is the Magabe of the South Pacific.
Well done to those brave nurses; you have showed Fiji the way forward.
Everyone in Fiji should follow their example. You have brought honour to yourselves and the FNA.

Anonymous said...

When you have a police commissionerwho has never read the laws of Fiji, you could expect that he would order his officers to do the wrong thing, i.e. arresting people who have not broken any laws.

Well done the nurses!

Get yourself a good lawyer and sue the illegal, incompetent junta for unlawful arrest and false imprisonment.

Anonymous said...

The nurses should not have gone to strike in the first place. It was a political decision, the whole of Fiji knows this.

Discombobulated Bubu said...

Dear Anon - the whole of Fiji ? I think your hole alone .... crawl back to the colonospic hole you came out of ... its no use arguing with you

Anonymous said...

Bula. This article :
is a very good one because it tells us that we ARE living UNDER a dictatorship - no 2 ways about it - why the Military arseholes keep lying about it I dont know - why take the country down this garden path wasting all our money and time and resources when they should just say - here's the gun - you are under a dictatorship. Finish.

By doing what they have been doing: poo-pooing the unions, the vanua,the churches, our civil liberties and our basic rights, promoting themselves and feathering their own nests, the people of Fiji can NEVER EVER trust them to do the right thing, say sorry and piss off back to barracks.

We know now what Bubu's been saying all along, they NEVER INTENDED to have elections for Fiji again : they are determined to live behind the gun and terrorise the people of Fiji because they can .

So what shall we do ? I say everyone from Corporate Companies to individuals should stop bankrolling this illegal bunch of monsters and stop paying their taxes - pay the money directly to their employees. My 2 cents