Aug 2, 2007

Sharing the Pain till the Cows come home

Really , it's just unbelieveable what happened yesterday with Tabu being threatened by the Bully Boys in Fiji! And we also find out that according to the Goons in green, that the "military council" is still in control in Fiji - sa dina eh ! We knew that - it just needed a set of loose lips at camp to "brag" about it as they bullied Tabu in his underwear.
Shame shame shame on Ului, Driti and BainiBully !
They don't care about basic right to rights or rights to life eh Madam Shaista the Uncinariasis - are you listening?!! No - didn't think so.

Well to the nurses now, who are receiving wonderful support from the nation. I can report many people taking donations of food and other supplies to the various stations around Fiji. In Nausori, a very kind farmer donated a whole bulumakau, and our women's club have had a few kati nights to raise funds for our combined donation. I guess we will have a few more to donate towards the other workers now. Keep going our nurses - you are doing the right thing standing up for what is yours and demanding that we never take you and what you do for granted. You are also making a stand for your principles and we all admire you for that.

We have been so irritated with all the moaning from the corridors of power with the likes of LoonyMarama and Co saying things like :
"we have to share the pain",
"the nurses have to understand that IG doesn't have the money",
"it was the previous govt 's fault we haven't got money to pay the workers".
Yada yada yada !

We wouldnt be in this mess if Mr Unbalanced and the rest of his loony unhinged Alice in Wonderland characters didnt put us all there in IN THE FIRST PLACE !!

Here are some of the things that this illegal government has been using our taxpayers money for (ie. their national priorities to name a few, and a few more ):

1) Thousands upon thousands of dollars going toward the hundreds of so called inquiries and investigations (ie witch hunts) which are basically personal vendettas pursued by Baini

2) Approx. $110,000 for Rugby injection for world cup
dream chasers
3) $1.5 million dollars approx. for about 29 new PWD New Vehicles PLUS all the other cars that the IG have not advertised in public arena

4) Huge salaries for new Expatriate opportunistic appointments like Pryde

5) Promotions and salary upgrades for all the loyal soldiers and new Board personnel
6) The 100's of Bodyguards to protect Baini from his psycho imaginations
7) Ministerial junkets for Bune , Chodo and Bernie for useless trips around the world with all their hangers-on-club

8) Recalling all the Ambassadors - a totally useless and very costly exercise for us taxpayers

9) The so called restructuring costs for FIRCA , FNPF, NLTB, etc etc etc , and the re-organization of State owned entities and civil service reforms .... what for ?

10) The $40 million that the Military has spent on itself so far since Dec 2006.

Not to mention the massive drop in productivity and morale amongst the workers of this country while we worried about the possibility that we may lose our jobs.

Then they try to tell the country they have no money and that we need to "share the pain". Helllooooooo !

Oilei - I'm all out of words at this lunacy so I will share my agony with Bubu's Roll Call of Pain.

Now this morning Madame Taina on behalf of the PSC says she is happy to be paying out for these services :

This is the height of madness - they have no money to pay the nurses or the teachers yet they are happy to pay outside contractors at much inflated prices to to govt laundry etc etc. Oilei tamaqu !

Why can't all those bully boys at the camp go and sweep hosp floors, change bed pans, do the laundry and all the other jobs that need to be done instead of polishing their boots , beating up innocent civilians and doing basically NOTHING or GFA as the makabunas say ........ aaaaaaarrrrrrgggghhhhh ! Au sa oca na vosa !


Anonymous said...

Wailei Nau - o iko sa UN ga ! Good one - LOL

Unknown said...

Vinaka vakalevu Bubu na tukuna na dina. Me tukuni tikoga ena veigauna na veika dina. Na dina ga ena qai cakacaka ka veisereki.

Anonymous said...

Taina Tagicakibau did absolutely nothing the whoe two years she was up in Taiwan. Not one single report filed on the performance of the Fiji Trade Mission to Taiwan in that whole time. Then she ups and leaves by applying for a job as the Deputy Permanent Secretary for Labour leaving the Fiji Trade Mission without any representative. Now she's supposed to be an expert on the PSC? She can't even bloody see that there's no money to contract these essential serivces out, let alone the fact that she's trying to declare the strike illegal.Give us a break and go and wash your hair ya blerry ulumaquru!!!!

Anonymous said...

Very interesting indeed. Keep it up.

Anonymous said...

You said it all Bubu.. keep up the fantastic work! Vinaka valevu.

Anonymous said...

You can add this another waste of tax payers money. After contracting out public services, what happens when the striking civil servants return work? They will have to pay these workers their salary as well as the contractors for doing the same job. Now wouldn't that cost them twice as much. And being in a contract if renege with contractors then thats another case for courts and more tax payer's money down the drain. These clowns may have all the senses but they lack the very basic one, COMMON SENSE. This lady's mouth speaks louder than her actions.

Anonymous said...

She's got one helluva ugly fugly mouth, similar to epeli gusuvaika. Neu!