Nov 28, 2007

Why we should care about what is normal In Fiji and what is not

Luvequ's sorry for my absence.

I have come back from the koro again and I must tell you that our bui-ni-gone brigade did make a startling discovery in our vale ni kuro but sssshh don't TelLeni ..... we also, along with 300,000 others in villages around Fiji, found ropes, blue tarpaulins & 5 rusty sele kava BUT WAIT - in our vale ni lotu (church) we found eight VERY BIG bullets (more than what Nasir Ali found ... i mean planted - in the suspect's house) which we have been filling with water and using to dip our flowers in on Sunday .

Oilei raqone, I hope these bullets don't explode on us during masumasu ! Please raqone better not to TelLeni as he might do the same to Bubu as he did to poor Mr Khan's skull, face, teeth and ribs !

Can you imagine what that unfortunate man must have gone through (listen to the description of injuries here), not to forget poor Rabaka, Verebasaqa and Malasebe sitting up there with Jisu looking down at Frankie.

And lest we forget these are the pictures of Rabaka's injuries before he died.

These would be the same kind of injuries inflicted upon Mr Khan. And I want to ask who gives these soldiers and policemen the right the beat anyone like this ? Isn't this what the law is set up to protect us from ? Isn't the law what prevents anarchy or are we living in such an amoral society that we don't care anymore ?

Now, back to "our normality". Of our bubu discussions and dear to our hearts was what we thought we should address - our nation's waning sense of morality, virtue, ethics, truth and norms of behavior and one of the main reasons I decided to blog.

We have seen the last 20 years or so, our children and makabuna being raised in an "coup" environment which has triumphed wrong doing over right, light over dark , the barrel of the gun shown to be mightier than the rule of law, physical harm done by once highly regarded lawmen to citizens; disregard & disrespect for the rule of law and the justice system; the rationalization of wrong doing. etc.; and disrespect to chiefs, parents and elders. It is no wonder children are growing up without much sense of what is right and what is wrong.

Daily for a year or so, on TV we have seen bad behaviour by so called leaders of this illegal regime - trying to justify the wrong things they are doing and lying to us daily on the radio via a sinister propoganda programme designed to hoodwink and brainwash our iTaukei.

Noticeable in the standard of the people in this regime is the following :

- they arbitrate, synthesize and warp without explanations (eg .Mr Green, Nurses strike, Fijian institutions, Natadola fiasco etc . etc.)
- they attack and accuse without clarifications (eg. law-abiding citizens they have removed from office without any proof; the so called assassins group; CJ Fatiaki etc etc)

Therefore we have come to see that functional & constructive communication is not possible as reason and the ability to reason is missing (Lewenski, Tikoimuri and Baini all publicly and, embarrassingly for us Fijians, share this great inability).

Normally, reason determines the accuracy of the matter which in turn points to the truth. If the truth is not arrived at, understanding is also missing , which in turn misi talega any good judgment and any ability to predict.

For one whole year now, the Dishonourable people in the Fijian junta starting from the Military Council and heading down thru Bai, Teleni, the Epeli's , Chodo,& iarsy have been miscommunicating with us, misappropriating good reason and creating downright VICE by attempting to promote cultural genocide and destructing the very foundations of our "Fijian-ness" .

From their corner of false realities which they have used to justify, conceal and promote their illegal activities, a very strong opposing force is being created by us the people of Fiji who have felt and are feeling threatened by what they are doing.

So we blog and we write to the UN and to the EU and we protest and we write letters to Bai who throw them all in the rubbish tin.

Which generally means that normal , gentle and constructive persons, in addition to other victims in the country begin to handle their realities differently.

Many cannot trust their own judgements anymore, or are not sure how to handle their feelings.

So what do people do? They look to sources of authority and will align themselves to those that share the same value base. Some of these people's choice of value bases are very oddball to say the least (Yabaki, Mataca, Shyster etc etc)

The Fiji Freedom Bloggers will do the best we can to fight this ferocious and disturbing attack on our sensibilities, on our logic and on our social and moral fabric. Our task is to present rationailty back into this mixed up land and to offer a non-voilent path back to democracy and free representative elections on the people's terms, not on Military terms.

If we are not careful, we will begin to "accept" the lines of blurred and warped reasoning from this regime and regard everything they do as "normal" .

But sorry this daily menu of lies and deceit is NOT NORMAL.

Small shining examples of the abnormal and the amoral :

(1) Chodo told us in his recent illegal budget that we the future generations have to pay. "HAVE to pay" . Now people, doesn't this make you angry !

It should make you angry as it is not a normal thing to simply"accept" what this man says.

This man has been avoiding and evading paying his tax, and he has the temerity to accuse CJ Fatiaki and Qarase of being immoral and rascist ???

Hello - this is a great example of warping and twisting a concept!

Another example WITHIN this example is this -how can Bainimarama NOT DO ANYTHING about the evidence that has been presented to him in his office about Chaudary's tax evasion ?

Look at whats happening and imagine it is very much like a snake twisting around reason, concepts and issues !

That is what this regime does as it had no legitimate excuse to do what it did on 5th Dec 2006.

Why should we "accept" what Chaudary tells us?

On top of paying the price for all this depravation the coups have brought our nation, who the hell brought us to this sorry place that our makabunas have to pay !

I don't think so !

The Budget is illegal.

The interim government is illegal.

It does NOT have the mandate from the people to be using our taxpayer funds, yet is does and justifies it's existance by saying they know best and whats good for us. eg more millions for the army and less for tourism and education and health.

BUT WAIT - What do you call giving the " University of Fiji "money when it is a private institution ??? Ah ? Go figure as the makabunas say ! Oilei someone just told me, they are Chodo's friends in there !

Should we accept this so called rationalisation of funding?

NO ! It is not normal. It is not moral. It is not right.

As a fellow blogger said :

It has now become public that the real motive behind the coup this was to displace the indigenous Fijian populace in their own homeland STARTING with allegations of corruption and damaging institutions that are part and parcel of the iTaukei social fabric.

We are now seeing all these ulterior motives of the coup perpetrators in broad daylight and we note that the damage inflicted will now take more than one generation to heal.

(2) Race ... Voreqe tells us we are all one race! OK bully boy - since when did you become God ?

And tell us this - why did the divinity make us all different colours and put us in all different parts of the world?

Because Race is FACT OF LIFE.

Get over it Voreqe, we will forever have our differences and nothing will change that . Changing the mind set of people by a law or by force shall NEVER be achieved.

It is how we AGREE to interact and live with each other that matters the most.

Thought of asking us the people yet ? Segai - didn't think so...... Will you ever ? Segai- didn't think so. Why ? Voreqe is lamu (afraid) of any people's referendum.

(3) People's Charter.

First Bani & Parmesh Chand LIED to Fiji and said this Charter was the work of his own people, then the 2 indian boys living in NZ (John Samy and Francis Narayan) not wanting to be left out of the glory tuned in and said no no frankie man, it was our work !

Qori Big Pote for Baini & Parmesh !

Did they apologise to the people for lying ? No they went right on lying !

QUOTE : "Bainimarama said the People’s Charter is the brainchild of the interim administration and no one else’s. "

This itchy ornamental document is nothing but an attempted reform of our constitution using our taxpayers money to depower and attack our Fijian Institutions such as the GCC, FAB, Provincial Councils etc. etc.

As a fellow blogger on Solivakasama said : "The charter has ulterior motives which is to accomplish the objectives and agendas of Chodo and his cohorts. The constitution is the only legal instrument to run and manage the nation not any other self created charter which is NOT mandated by the people. This is just an enforced imposition of self serving edicts upon the people without their consent " ...... " then they want a subcommittee of Cabinet members (outside of this charter committee ) to enforce this in the government departments involved and the time frame they are talking about means elections after 20 years, and / or if there is an elected govt , it will be forced (by the military) to enforce the charter and ignore the constitution."

"The last statement of this so called Charter is the most damning as it removes whatever rights the Fijians have to their land, chiefs allegiances of their people, damages churches relationships with their flock and; to bring it to a personal level; IF it is in the government 's interest that you lose your job, land, children, identity, life, then so be it - that is MORE PARAMOUNT to these people that that of your personal life, your plans, aspirations and interests in your community.

It removes all assistance accorded to the lagging Fijian communities by removing the blueprint and affirmative policy. It means that on an even playing field, it will be a rat race where only the aggressor win, and in the economic sector, we know who that race will belong to.

Wake up i Taukei ! THIS IS VERY DANGEROUS TERRITORY that the illegal regime is treading on.

Thank you to Marama Bale Ro Teimumu Kepa for again raising this issue recently.

(4) Frankie's way or no way.

Finally to add insult to injury - Frankie tells Fiji he doesn't care what we the people think .

QUOTE : "NO one will dictate the way the interim Government runs the country. All I’m going to say is we dictate the terms and no one is going to tell us what to do,” he said. Speaking in Fijian, he said only he and the interim Government would dictate where the country was headed.

Those are the words of Interim Prime Minister, Commodore Frank Bainimarama following the Ousted Opposition Leader’s statement (Mick Beddoes) that the Charter’s plan and the roadmap to democracy was prepared by two former Fiji citizens based in NZ, John Samy and Francis Narayan."

So, people, WHY THE HELL is this illegal regime bothering to go through with this so called "consultative process" when it isn't going to matter one bit what we the people think ?!

What a waste of our taxpayer money, our time and our patience !

And also can anyone explain why the Charter people are not visiting any of the indian settlements - only the Fijian villages - isn't this a bit suspicious Frankie ! After all we are all one race eh ?!!

Its about time, Frankie, you just told the truth for once - Or is your door closed to the real truth? So long as you trample and brutalise the people of Fiji our nation will continue deteriorating from a tragic case into a basket-case.


Anonymous said...

The Illegal Interim Government (iIG) are only going through the motions, in the hope that they can be seen internationally to have some sort of credibility and legitimacy.
Unfortunately for them, and politics aside, people are not that stupid.
It is as plain as day that self-interest is at play, the Voreqe ranks amongst other world despots and is just as pathetic and sick.
His behaviour lately is testament to that. Unfortunately he is too thick to realise others are a little smarter than he but there goes the mind of the malignant narcissist as you foretold many months earlier and as Helen Clarke undiplomatically let slip back in December 2006.
Now tell me this - why do you think Shaista has gone all quiet lately. Has she had an epithany and realised she has been pushing shit uphill and come to realise (like sis always warned her) that she's signed up for something that is somewhat different from what she originally thought?
Unfortunately for her, practicing a little more pistol shooting might be her only salvation but that is only so good as long as she remains in Fiji.
The shit she's been pushing uphill for months manifests itself in in the ego of the Kaiyum and the temper of the delusional Voreqe.
Tuff luck Shaista

Anonymous said...

Bubu, congratulations on a fine piece. We at FDN particularly appreciate your pinpointing the glaring contradictions and transparent manipulation and dishonesty in the way the military regime (in its usual inept, bumbling way) is going about the promotion of the so-called people's charter. When indeed will Frank start telling the truth? By a strange coincidence, that very question has been our forum topic for the past week or so. Obviously a case of great minds thinking alike! Keep on blogging, stay careful and God Bless.

Fiji Democracy Now.

Discombobulated Bubu said...

Bula FDN - vinaka vaka levu na nomudou contribution to our mutual cause. The descriptive words indeed are manipulation and dishonesty by this regime on a daily basis. Unbelievable ! You stay safe and remember to write to the UN in regards to the human rights abuses curently happening in Fiji now :

Petitions Team Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights United Nations Office,
Geneva 1211 Geneva 10,

Fax : + 41 22 9179022 (particularly for urgent matters)

Anonymous said...

Question for everyone- Does anyone else notice that whenever ANYONE criticizes Mr. CHaudry that he quickly snaps of a letter to Fiji times accusing the person of being a racist? Is he trying to tell us that all Indo-Fijians are as stupid as he is? Because last time I checked, intelligence has nothing to do with race.

Discombobulated Bubu said...

Thank you Kai-viti USA - exactly.

Twisted logic indeed.

My medical friends think Chodo and iyarsy et. might be idiot savants but that may be too kind again.

Anonymous said...

Vinaka bubu, fine piece and always a joy to read your comments. Problem is the whole lot of the IG are tamani big "basket case" dina! They now realise they've hit a brick. The latest negative reports from tourism are clear signs that things are not too good for our economy. If it wasn't for the remittances from our Fijian people working overseas, things could be much worse. Funny thing is illegal Finance Minister never mentions this important fact. He finds it hard to swallow that Fijians are helping keep this country afloat. Maybe I'm going to be called a racist for raising this up. Happy New everyone.