May 6, 2008

How Paranoid is Fiji's Primitive Despot ? And what is he so Desperate to Hide ?

Fiji's military threaten more expats and the media
By MICHAEL FIELD - Fairfax Media | Tuesday, 06 May 2008

More expatriates will be deported and Fiji's military has threatened to close down the Pacific nation's news media.

But military strongman Voreqe Bainimarama - who has installed himself as prime minister - says he did not want to close media down.

Bainimarama has confronted Fiji's media bosses after last week deporting Fiji Times publisher Evan Hannah, three months after Fiji Sun publisher Russell Hunter was also kicked out.

Regional news agency Pacnews said Bainimarama told the meeting that Hannah will not be the last of the expatriates to be deported.

He told the executives he could not reveal why Hannah had been deported but said that others are likely to follow.

He said the news media were publishing "inciteful" articles and called for balance and fair reporting.

Pacnews said Bainimarama added the last thing he would want to do is close down the media and his government should not be likened to Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe.

The Fiji Times is owned by Rupert Murdoch's News Ltd.

The Australian, owned by the same stable, reported this morning that the Fiji Times editor Netani Rika described how Bainimarama claimed that local journalists hate him.

Bainimarama claimed that shutting down the country's media would be the worst-case scenario.

"He told us that he can shut the media down, but in his quotes, 'I don't want to do that'," Rika told The Australian.

"He told us today that he did not want us to go down the path of Zimbabwe, but he was quite clear ... while he did not want to close the media down, that would be an option if we did not take on board the concerns that he raised today."

During the meeting, Bainimarama became agitated when the media representatives made it clear they would not "roll over and do what he wanted", Rika said.

Bainimarama refused to explain how Hannah had breached his work permit, he said.

"The actual words he said was: 'There's no use discussing that matter. This person, Russell Hunter, and the other, Hannah whatever-his-name is, are not coming back'."


Anonymous said...

What is extremely worrying is that this low life confirmed to the media (like showing off really is all I can liken it to) that he :

"had PERSONALLY overruled a Fiji High Court order issued last Thursday rescinding Mr Hannah's deportation."'

(interpret : toss accountability and good governance out the window ... yeah - and dont forget the complete and utter DISDAIN for the law. Oh yeah, and bugger the children who are looking at this "fine, outstanding" (NOT) example of a so called LEADER.

Who'll believe a single lie coming out of his mouth now ??? )

Then he said the media was "unfair, critical and unbalanced".

(interpret : "sniff sniff .. pllleeaase like me please .... OR I WILL do a billy goat gruff" !!!!)

And then get this : he has the temerity to tell the media not to make mistakes "that are not grammatical or literal".

Hahahahahahhahhahahaha - snort snort... have you seen this guy's spelling ??? Not to mention his pronounciation ! Wailei - Kaila mada !

Then he accuses the media of having a certain agenda because he says they hate him and members of the interim administration.

(interpret : blaming others for not being able to love himself)

Reports coming out of the meeting with the media yesterday suggest that Bainimarama became highly agitated banging the table and yelling. Ooh lala - hardly diplomatic behaviour isnt it? Bubu is right - most primitive actually.

Hey, this is a really good picture for INVESTMENT in Fiji.... rulers that ignore high court rulings, who threaten their media with Zimbabwe like antics, and who will do anything to cover up the smell that is being left behind by their corrupt activities such as their fiddling the regimental funds and the 2 million dollars squirreled away in Australia by a certain illegal regime finance whats-his-name.

Anonymous said...

I am disgusted at the blatant disregard for the law and for people's feelings shown by this regime. This is the final straw. I do not feel that either my family or my business are safe in Fiji any more. My business will be closing down after 30 years or so in Fiji - a difficult decision for me and especially for my staff, but I will always retain a special bond with my people and the many friends I have made over the years. I weep for my Fiji.

Anonymous said...

A fear of being unloved makes people irrational. I remember a song that goes
Nobody likes me, everybody hates me,
walking round the garden eating worms,
Short fat fuzzy ones, long thin slimy ones,
sqirmy, wormy wormy worms.

Or words like that.
Could we pray for him instead of ridiculing him. He is being used, a puppet on a string and there are many strings and many puppets.

Anonymous said...

The Pac Forum members and others should immediately ask him again for a formal commitment to his undertaking to hold elections BY March 2009.
I'm sure nobody would mind if they came sooner

Anonymous said...

Nobody loves me, everybody hates me,
Think I'll go and eat some worms,
Long thin skinny ones,
Big fat juicy ones,
See how they wiggle and squirm.

Anonymous said...

He's back!

TV interview with major disaster.

aaaahhhhaaahh iii’d like to ssaaay that i’mmm glllad to be backk in Fijiii to aaahhhaaaa tell you the truth about thee wonderfullll thinks that bananasinpyjamas is doing.

Like he has inflation at an all time high; even LQ couldn’t do that.

Ummm, he has unemployment at its highest level ever; what an achievement.

Attacks on tourists have doubled this year; aren’t we great.

Umm, businesses are, aaahhhhaaah, closing down at the highest rate ever.

Investors are now thinkink TWICE before they spend money in Fiji; what aaahhhaah an aahhha achievement.

Unions are now lodging complaints at twice the normal rate; a positive for us.

I can aaahhhhah only say [ closing of eyes to avoid cameras] that Fiji is moving rapidly in a downward cycle thanks to my hero, bananasinpyjamas.

Off Camera

What aahhhahah do you mean Mr chaudhry; oh I was supposed to say upward cycle.

Sorry, but I thought that all the bull crap that I just said was taking Fiji backwards. What do you mean I’m off to Iceland. Where is that? Do they have flied lice there?

Anonymous said...

EFT - youre toooo much ! LOL.

Obviously Major Aaaaaahhh hasnt learnt much in China. Anyway why is he back ? Perhaps he has learnt about how to produce rice and is here to teach the Fijians how to plant their own rice ?

Nooooooo, surely he hasnt learnt anything remotely useful !

Whats the bet he goes back to polishing boots and practising more of his limited vocab on us ?

I would rather throw myself into the Rewa River than listen to another idiot like this one.

Anonymous said...

It is obvious that the media have exposed bainis archilles heel. As Bubu poses the question - What he is very afraid of ?

Someone once said if there is one emotion that impacts upon men more than any other it is fear. Fear of being seen as feminine , fear of being vulnerable, fear of not being powerful enough, fear of not being in control, fear of losing, fear of rejection, fear of not being a real man. And often most powerful of all, fear of being seen as afraid. Male identity is bound up with fear. Traditional masculinity and esp in Fiji demands that a man must not show he is afraid so most men hide their fear behind a mask of fearlessness.

But by golly , to mask this fear by throwing his puny weight around, and banging the table and yelling at jounalists, and even going to the extent of kicking out all the expats in Fiji ...... what does Baini and the military regime achieve ?

As some one said this doesnt put food on our tables or solve the growing economic downturn in the economy, or give us our jobs back, or give us back our COLA payments, or turn back the clock for Rabaka or Verebasaqa and their families.

It seems that Bainis fear of something is causing us so far 16 months of sadness and hardship .... now its up to the media and up to the people to sniff this out.

Teleni's dogs have been muzzled so will not be able to do any sniffing. FICAC has Telenis other eye so it is only looking in one direction, and the Courts cannot be trusted to rule on any of our sniffer cases. And the Shyster is too busy sniffing na qara ni IG.

So come on people , lets go, it is time to go sniff this mystery out once and for all.

Anonymous said...

Franks greatest fears are that he'll be shown to be the coward he is amongst his peers, that he does indeed have a little dick propped up only by a pistol or two, and of course that he might one day actually be held to account.
Teleni's naturally cockeyed and the Bandmaster can't hack it.
These are the men who are legends in their own warped minds. Didn't take the brains of Britain or Chodo to figure that out

Anonymous said...

I have been reading all the news of late with great interest and do believe the media have exposed a real nerve inherent in Fiji's Regime.

From where I am sitting it does look like it is related to the game of survival.

At it's most basic level, SURVIVAL is a basic psychological structure.

Hatred does NOT exist as a basic psychological structure.

Hatred is the RESULT OF the inner psychological manipulation of fear (perceived in terms of physical survival).

It is the Regime's inability to understand that they are projecting these hidden emotions outwardly that has led to today's situation, where they have let the media know they loath and hate and fear them .

Now the media has the responsibility to find out why and what it is they are so fearful of.

In other words, it is mys suggestion that Bainimarama and the Military Council are desperate to survive being found out in regards to the following facts :

1) the cover up of their manipulation of millions of dollars worth of regimental military funds
2) the direct order to torture and kill CRW soldiers involved in the 2000 coup
3) their personal ambitions to seize and enjoy the trappings of power at the expense of ordinary Fijian citizens
4) that there has been money exchanged to plan and carry out the latest Dec 2006 coup

Anonymous said...

Vinaka Seth, I agree. I think that VB fears we (the public) will find out he is just a puppet, taking his cues from Chodopu$$, who in turn takes his cues from his money-bags Sugar Daddy in India.

News for you VB: We already know, because it is SO bleedingly obvious.

The more the bloggers reveal of VB/MC's evil pact of destruction, the more nervous and irate VB becomes. Chodo, on the other hand, goes underground to plot, scheme, plan and probably cackle.

You watch - if Chodo is not allowed to change the election rules, he will do his UTMOST to delay the promised elections.

Our hope now lies in the UN and the international community to stop these criminals carrying out their master plan.

I pray the EU still has their sugar payments tied to free and fair elections under the current Constitution. Can all NGO's reading this please be sure to write to the EU office in Suva about this? Your support makes a difference.

God bless Fiji