Jul 3, 2008

Setting Goals for Struggling Students, Teachers and Schools

Sometimes other folk can capture brilliantly what you try to say in other words, and I thank Blog Contributor EFT for his synoptic comments regarding the Young People article , and which I reproduce here :

"Yes, young people are the future and the sensible adults have to show the young that criminal activity by the coupsters is to be condemned.

My heart goes out to school principals and teachers who have to endure the rants and ravings of a misguided, incompetent fool of the illegal minister Bole.

From what I have read from this fool, his total knowledge of education could be chiseled onto the back of an asprin.

Schoolies need support as they struggle to compensate their students for the failure of the jaundiced junta to provide stability and leadership.

How can students be expected to perform well at school when their minds are on other things; parents without jobs, no breakfast and no lunch, no money for bus fares, and now, no buses?

When you have a dysfunctional illegal minister desperately trying to hang onto his illegal, well paying job, you certainly won't see any understanding for the plight of the parents, schoolies or students.

After all, he is also afraid of being shafted by chaudopu$$ and his puppet, bananasinpyjamas.

May I set some targets for this fool :

* 95% of students in Fiji attend classes each day

* 100% of students can travel to school by public transport each day [ you may need to do something about roads and the cost of fuel ]

* 90% of teachers feel secure and happy in their role.

*100% of administrators feel supported in their role.

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