Jul 3, 2011

Dictator Millionaire takes family for Singapore jaunt

On July 1st the Fijian dictator, now also millionaire, Bainimarama flew from Nadi airport on Korean Air on his way to Singapore.

He of course was flying first class with all of his family.

Funded by our pensioners.

For him the choice was not whether he could afford to put meat on the table this Sunday but which Champagne he should have before takeoff and whether to sip a different vintage with his appetizer.
Taking such a trip now demonstrates Bainimarama has no respect for the people of Fiji. He claims to be Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, but instead of worrying about the poor pensioners and informing them of his plans, he jets off on another expensive jaunt. He could not care less about the people of Fiji so long as they fund his jet set life style.
This trip is conservatively estimated to cost over $40,000. That does not include the security guards he feels obliged to take with him.
The questions I and the pensioners of Fiji want answered is how can a man who claims to be only earning the Commander’s salary of the RFMF ($96,276) can afford to spend nearly half on a holiday.
We already know the answer. He can afford it because he and his puppet master, Khaiyum, are both earning more than $700,000 a year in salaries secretly paid to them by Khaiyum’s Aunty, Nur Bano Ali.
This little snapshot of a day in the life of Fiji highlights exactly what is wrong in being ruled by a dictator. The contrast is clear between the rich and the poor, the oppressor and the Oppressed. Bainimarama should remember Fiji belongs to all of us and not just to two people.
It is time for a change. We will have democracy, we will have a new government and we will have them soon.

Thumbs up for Democracy
2nd July
Ratu Tevita Mara


Anonymous said...

Nice one DiBu.

Living it up like they earned it (NOT!) Mai yaso, e vale e mino.

Anonymous said...

The Nazi Badge sums it all up. LOL

Anonymous said...

Di Bu,

I want some Vailima too!

Au sa kara maca tiko qo.



Anonymous said...

nice pic!! first class is the way to go if i had the cash.