Dec 13, 2012

Insidious insinuations

Lucifer has crept into our every day lives so slowly, most of us haven't noticed …

Some time ago, on my blog I told the old story about how we in Fiji were becoming the live frogs in cold water being slowly cooked on the stove and how the frogs don't jump out because the temperature change is gradual and we don't realize we are being boiled alive ...

Thats how evil works  … slowly slowly … insidiously.

And how it works oh so fine in our beloved land of Fiji.

So many untruths over the last 6 years of military regime rule - now being held up as truth - so many lies that it completely overwhelms one.

And so, it was on this continuum that I read in the Fiji Times an incredible insinuation being made that was quite unfathomable in its likely ending. Obviously since this amazing revelation was presented at the illegal AG's conference, he had to approve its presentation hana ? ....harh rite !

The insinuation is this ….. that the Lapita Pottery makers could have been Tamils from India.

S'truth ….

So Bubu embarked on a mission to find this amazing piece of "Attorney General evidence".

I found it written like this on the internet from some guy called Peter Marsh (an enthusiastic "Where-did-the-Polynesians-come-from-copy-and-paste-artist") who is apparently also an energetic supporter of Thor Heyerdahl's theories of Pacific navigators . …. this is what he postulates :
"It should be pointed out that Mawi and Rata were certainly not the only voyagers who entered the Pacific realm. The cast iron Tamil Nadu bell found on the North Island of New Zealand is proof that voyagers had arrived from India either deliberately or accidentally. The seafaring abilities of the Toraja and Bugis from the Celebes may have also have had an influence in the Pacific across to South America judging from similarities in technologies and culture between the Karajia and Toraja peoples' cliff cemetries. The existence of Ficus Religiosa (Bodhi tree) amongst ruins in the Marquesas also suggests the extent of attempted colonization in the Pacific of either Hindu or Buddhist travellers."
Fiji's First Tamil

In plain English then :  The Lapita people whizzed out of NW India, hurtled through Melanesia and western Polynesia, making heaps of pots as they hightailed it through, made it as far as Easter Island and Central America to submit their writing system, and then graciously vaporised from history.

And so ragone, I guess you know where I am going with this ?

Could it be that the illegal Attorney General's theory presupposes that because carbon dating places these pottery makers as the very FIRST settlers in Fiji, Fijian 'natives' as indigenous owners of the land are no longer ?


In the maze of further untruths so common in Fiji , this will serve as an excuse for our crooked military junta and the machiavellien puppet master of Fiji - one Aiyarse Kaiyum - to decree that none of our land belongs to us any longer.

Far-fetched ?

Then explain why this subject (being so stretched from any scientific evidence) was even raised at the recent illegal AG's conference ?

In my view, this is a pre-amble for something more insidious - coming to a vanua near you - soon.

And just BTW, and but in case anyone is interested , it is most interesting based on REAL Language links, archaeological evidence and DNA research to find out that most of these studies support the foremost scientific theory that Melanesians and Polynesians are linked to the indigenous people of Taiwan and other genetic markers from SE Asia.

No matter which way I stand on my head to read this, I do not see Tamil anywhere. Perhaps Alisi Daurewa needs to pay an optician a quick visit - just check the cornear's out my dear.

More reading for you here.

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Anonymous said...

From C4.5 blogger just after the news filtered through about the insidious claim :

"Anonymous said...
@ 7.18pm. I heard its to support claims by "later migrants" to Fiji that they have equal rights claim to ownership of native land in Fiji.

Does anyone remember that speech by Nahzat Shameem at an ECREA function (was her 1st speech after Constitution was thrown out in 2009) where she said they belonged to the land which their fathers toiled or something like that?

Was surprising that not a single mention in that speech of the throwing out the 1997 Constitution (after the Court of Appeal said takeover was illegal). Only about strong connection between Indo-Fijians and Fijian land. She emphasised very strongly that you cannot separate Indo-Fijians from the land under their feet.

What is the reason behind this kind of thinking?

Were Indo-Fijians being chased out of Fiji back to India?

Was there a sense of entitlement by the tenant that the land their fathers toiled rightly belonged to them? Did they think they earned the right to equal ownership or partnership of native land?

Did they feel marginalised by Fiji's native land tenure system under the NLTB?

Is that the reason why ALTA was structured in a way that whole generations of i-taukei easily lost use of their own land if tenant wanted to remain there because provisions in ALTA could easily extend their leases indefinitely.

December 8, 2012 9:46 PM"