Mar 21, 2007

Fijian activists turn to blogs to protest coup

Ragone : vosota - my absence is simply explained - I have been away visiting the mataqali and I have wonderful news to convey. The re-education of the bubu-levu's, the nei's, momo's, the tavale's have begun ! They are listening to talk-of-the-cyber-talk, and more importantly are thinking better about what we are saying ..... the discombobulated logic is disappearing - the new order is upon us - alleluia !

The Military is devoting much time and energy to trying to find us . Why ? Are they THAT insecure and afraid of a few people that are trying to get the truth out ? What we find absolutely scandalous is the amount of money that Voreqe's illegal regime is spending trying to find us.

QUESTION : Who is paying for this ?
ANSWER: You and me. They are WASTING OUR good hard-earned tax dollars to try and find a few people .
WHY ? They are scared of the TRUTH and they want to take them us to Delainabua and silence us forever.

We say - we will never be silenced and we will continue to get out there and tell people of this Dictatorship we are under in Fiji right now. To get you started , read this :""

Fijian activists turn to blogs to protest coup
Tuesday March 20, 2007<
NZ Herald : By Xavier La Canna

The names of the weblogs seem benign - White Rose, Hearts and Minds, Good Men (and Women) Doing Something, Intelligentsiya, Discombobulated Bubu. But these blogs, and others like them, have been sprouting up in Fiji to protest last year's military coup and alleged human rights abuses that have raised serious concerns in Australia, New Zealand and the US.

Probably the best known is Intelligentsiya, the work of mainstream journalists who say the military regime is stifling their efforts to conventionally report what is happening in their country..

It was launched on January 26, about five weeks after the coup, and vowed to highlight a rash of abuses blamed on the military. "We felt that a site like Intelligentsiya was all the more important to document and discuss the army's ever-growing human rights abuses - most notably the silencing of dissenting opinion by detention and intimidation," the first posting on the site said."These abuses are carried out by the armed forces in the name of 'national security'."

But Intelligentsiya has angered the interim military government, which has branded it a bogus platform for unverified reports of alleged abuses. And earlier this month, military spokesman Neumi Leweni said efforts were underway to establish exactly who was producing material for the site.

Leweni's warning coincided with another to all journalists in Fiji that the military would haul them in for questioning if they were deemed to have filed "irresponsible" reports. Since then, one of Intelligentsiya's authors has been questioned, but the site's reports continue to be filed. Supporters can even buy t-shirts carrying the blog's address and the slogan: "We will not be silent"..
Good Men (and Women) Doing Something takes it name from the Edmund Burk saying that "all that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing". "If enough of us start saying the same thing ... that the coup is wrong and that we want and need to have the rule of law in place, and if we all stand together and make this statement, Bainimarama and his illegal government will have to listen," the site says.

The authors of the sites sound brave, but at least one - titled Ms Vakaivosavosa's Blog - has opted not to continue. "At this time in Fiji, the climate is not right to continue blogging and I want no-one harmed on account of this blog," the final posting on the site said. "I have received no communication from anyone to stop blogging or to delete the blog - the decision is mine alone." Intelligentsiya authors also had to retract a story they posted recently about a man they claimed had been beaten to death by soldiers. The backdown was used by the government as evidence the site could not be trusted.The military spokesman Leweni recently said the interim government did not impede the media.

"We haven't really interfered with the media. All we have done with the media is getting them to report the truth," he said."We actually raised issues with some of them on articles they have published that were totally untrue."The managing director of Communications Fiji Ltd, William Parkinson, whose company runs the Fiji Village website, said he closed down a popular forum recently after a visit from the deputy commander of Fiji's military, Captain Esala Teleni.Parkinson later denied the military had pressured him to do so, and that the forum was closed because people posted personal and racial slurs.In the past month, the general manager of the Fiji Daily Post and the news director of Fiji Television were detained separately over reports the military objected to.

Coup leader Frank Bainimarama, who has appointed himself interim prime minister, has put the entire media industry on notice that his regime won't tolerate reporting deemed to be mischievous."We take people up and find out why they are coming up with these stories, which are false," he said earlier this month..