Sep 15, 2014

Bubu's Kati Club does the Maths

Some of my friends old as they are have had colourful lives. Some of them have truly amazing mathematical skills.

One of these neighborhood mathematicians has been frightening the God-fearing village in which she lives.

Here is her equation for the Fiji elections which are not really free and fair  .  More confusing to be frank.

However , Voreqe Fiji's dictator  she says, has the number of 279.

We shall add these numbers up:

2+7 = 9

so now we have 9+9

Add these up together and we have  = 18

OK now ragone - have you had your glass of free milk ?

Acha  good ...... now we add this up :   1 + 8 = we have another 9

Now if you take all three 999's and turn this upside down, VOILA - we have Voreqe's true number !

Even with the devil's media black-out, this will be a hard image to erase from the all-powerful mind.

Happy Voting ragone's.

Sep 10, 2014

Fijian Game is changing

Someone is telling lies - playing games with people's lives.

Bainimarama and Kaiyum will do anything to make themselves look good because the election in Fiji is imminent,  but sadly this stunt has backfired .

Once again the lies pop straight back up to the surface - just like rotten eggs do.

The Fijian army big guns know naught about what Al-Queda are about to do nor do they know where their men are

Sep 8, 2014

Fiji Elections game changer

Sometimes the Gods deliver hard hitting messages that affect large swathes of humanity.

This is one of them .

The most humane solution right now is for Bainimarama and Kaiyum to exchange themselves for the 45 soldiers.

But that ain't going to happen is it ? For the aforementioned men are only very brave hiding behind their countless bodyguards and 466 draconian decrees.

So ragone, Bubu thinks it is time to disallow the two people that are making life cheap for us in Fiji any more of our valuable time.

Time to eject them from our lives so their actions can never affect our lives anymore.

Time to disappear Bainimarama and Kaiyum.

Time to say enough to these two dictators and thieves of our rights and freedoms.

Life is not only about money and prestige, coups and decrees, or feathering one's nests.

These 45 men and the value of their lives are going to affect our country in more ways than we know right now.

The fate of these men is going to be more important than free electricity, free milk, free sewing machines and free rubbish bins that that the dictators of our nation are trying to bribe voters with.

Time for us to reclaim our country and wrest our free will and our birthright back from egomaniacal dictators.

Time to love each other again and time to spread joy and humanity and happpiness amongst our neighbours torn apart by mistrust and sadness, voilence and fear for the last 8 years.

I believe that only by channeling our collective consciousness into the positive we can definitely make this change for we are the Deliberate Creators of our own experiences.

Our lives  can be as wonderful or as horrible as we allow it to be. And it all depends upon the focus that we practice.  The dictatorship in Fiji is not the vortex through which our individual well-being flows. The vortex through which our well-being flows is within each of us .

Fiji will re-focus , we are able to banish the negative and we the people will be part of the this game change. 

Aug 7, 2014

Mickey Mouse Games in Fiji

Another awesome letter by the wonderful Professor Narsey (illustration is mine)
Eligibility of candidates for elections and the Mickey Mouse games
Letter to Editor (The Fiji Times, Fiji Sun, Island Business)  6 August 2014

Dear Sir

Mr Aiyaz Khaiyum advises NGOs like Citizens Constitutional Forum to not play “Mickey Mouse games” before the elections (Fiji Sun, 5 August 2014). 

The public should consider that:

(a) The Bainimarama Government has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars of taxpayers money encouraging the voter registration of Fiji citizens living overseas so that they can have a say in electing some candidate for the parliament, even if they have Permanent Residency of and presumably some commitment to other countries.

(b) Civil servants, even if they have been out of the country for the last two years “on government business”, may still be eligible as candidates for the elections, and may even belong to political parties, according to the Permanent Secretary of the PSC.

(c) BUT an ordinary Fiji citizen, like Ms Makareta Waqavonovono, a former Legal Aid and committed senior Fiji government official, who has been overseas for more than 18 months out of the last two years, is declared legally ineligible to be a candidate by a sudden last minute change of the law on the 31st of July 2014, just a month before the elections, after Ms Waqavonovono has already been announced as a candidate by the National Federation Party.

Miki Asi punching out any perceived rivals to his paymaster
The moribund Fiji Law Society or one of its members, might want to ask the general question if laws are being changed to suit a specific circumstance or individual.

But more specifically, the public can ask why Ms Makareta Waqavonovono, a former senior civil servant, has been overseas for the last two years.

First, she has been guilty of bringing great credit to Fiji by working for AusAID and the Australian Government, arguably the most important donor to Fiji.

Second, she has been using her valuable legal skills in the Solomon Islands, a valuable member of the Melanesian Spearhead Group which Fiji often takes pride in helping, by providing much needed skilled human resources, similar to those possessed by Ms Waqavonovono.

Third, Ms Waqavonovono apparently has had the unpatriotic desire to waste her time and money by studying overseas (in Australia) and acquiring further educational qualifications that will undoubtedly be of great benefit to Fiji.

But with this latest decree by Mr Aiyaz Khaiyum (Attorney General and, apparently without any conflict of interest, also the General Secretary of the Fiji First Party), Ms Waqavonovono has been banned from offering to voters, the use of her extensive legal experience in the Fiji Parliament, the most important public service arena there is, superior even to the Government..

Anyone with common sense knows who exactly is playing “Mickey Mouse” games in Fiji with the elections and our people’s lives.

Professor Wadan Narsey

Aug 1, 2014

The Chicken or the Egg or Bainimarama

The question today ragone is which one of these really cameth first?

The yolk of the matter is this.

The lovely Makereta Waqavonovono has a simple wish. To stand up and be counted like any of us ordinary citizens. SHE WISHES TO REPRESENT HER PEOPLE IN THE ELECTIONS. She is well educated, is a great thinker and gave up many years of her life to accumulate knowledge and wisdom, but because of this it seems she is being treated like a criminal, or but wait - is it perhaps because of precisely this that she may represent the threat to Bainimarama's aspirations ?

Here is her letter.

It is plain to see she is being blocked by one of Bainimarara and Kaiyum's vacuous decrees churned out to protect their first race to the polls :

Meanwhile back in the barn, we have the judge in this case called Chen Bun Young who JUST HAPPENS to be a former associate of the Electoral Commission Chairperson. 

Is it obvious yet ragone? Or should I point this anomaly out ? Or is it a case of chicken brooding over egg ?

Back to the yolk of the matter. At this time in history the legality of the decree is not in question.

The court is being asked to rule on the meaning of who/what is an "ordinary resident of Fiji" (under section 56 (2) (c) of the Constitution and section 23 (5) of the Electoral Decree 2014)

Simple eh ?

No matter what the ruling, Bubu predicts a chicken ruling in the judge's seat. 
Why because -  this will impact upon all candidates of all parties including the head Rooster First party who travelled across the seas for 'Non-Govt' business in that 2 year period.
This truly will involve some more incredulous decree-churning from the Head Rooster's vice master Kaiyum will it not ?

UPDATE 1st August 2014

 As predicted - the Decree-churners have stayed up all night and churned out another amendment to the decrees that would rule Makereta out of the Elections.

They are trying their best folks to win the race to the polls by deceipt and desperation.

However, It ain't going to happen as the WILL of the collective is far more powerful than any of Bai and Kai's decrees.


Apr 22, 2014

Sordid display of rigging prior to Sept Fiji Elections 2014


When the self-elected Minister of Elections in any country goes out to register a Domain name (that will in a couple of years turn out to belong to the incumbent dictator in residence), and pays for it himself PRIOR to the announcement of the proposed elections in that country........

...... and then also ......

churn out a whole series of decrees to protect that incumbent dictator in residence, and all his officials from prosecution prior to and after the elections (being promised) ,

...... what do we have ?


A self elected Monster of Elections who is every part of the following description :



a corrupt official | corrupt practices: dishonest, unscrupulous, dishonorable, unprincipled, unethical, amoral, untrustworthy, venal, underhanded, double-dealing, fraudulent, bribable, criminal, illegal, unlawful, nefarious; informal crooked, shady, dirty, sleazy.

self-serving and sleazy in his efforts to rig the entire election in favour of his paymaster

1. immoral, unsavory, disreputable; informal shady, sleazoid.
2. squalid, seedy, seamy, sordid, insalubrious, mean, cheap, low-class, run-down; informal scruffy, scuzzy, crummy, skanky, flea-bitten.

Check it out .....