Sep 9, 2007

Casting Fiji into the Needless Abyss of Pain and Suffering

Ragone - did you see the
latest nonsense? The Dicktator wants us to stop sliding into the hole that this man and his fellow denitoa dug for us ! Oilei Turaga Levu !

Further he "demands" this of every citizen ! Helllooooo ... anyone home ???!!

And then he WAFFLES off into lala land talking about "sustainable growth" "paths of transparency and accountability" "sharing the burdens" yadayadayada ....... so much bull shit and VERY rich coming from a junta that is murderous and one that LIES to the people of Fiji on a daily basis, purposefully hiding many things behind the barrel of a gun; one that is hell bent on destroying our sacred institutions , disrespecting our personal rights and human dignities and the rule of law, interfering with all the State organs, tampering with the identity of the itaukei , and molesting the fabric that holds together our societal moral and cultural values.

Does this idiot not realise that EVERYONE is just laughing at him when he reads these kinds of speeches which have MOST OBVIOUSLY been written for him by someone looking at the world through grog doped eyes who just loves big sentences and who lives in the fairytale land of idealism .... they are just SO SO SO OUT OF TOUCH with reality and what the common person is feeling , it is truly sadly hysterically painfully laughable.

Bainimarama you listen to me my boy : You are so bitter and twisted you can't see or think properly. This slide will NOT stop until you take your goons and other monkeys back into camp and hand the reins of State back to properly qualified citizens AND until you seek proper forgiveness to cleanse yourself of the pure evil in your heart and mind, and apologise to this nation whom you have hurt very badly. See your priest today ! It is very very urgent !


Shirker said...

Him talking about his regime being about Transparency is a joke especially when the whole of Fiji knows that it is his own Finance Minster that has defrauded FIRCA in his taxes. Transparent ga na deni Chodo. Neu !

ex Fiji Tourist said...

"Fiji's economic and fiscal situation should be stopped from deteriorating any further"

These are the words mumbled by bananasinpyjamas on Friday night.

Q1. Who caused the situation to deteriorate in 9 months?

Q2. How far has the situation deteriated in 9 months?

Q3. How do the answers to 1 & 2 differ from the garbage uttered by chaudry the chimp the other day i.e. 'the economy has turned around'?

bananasinpyjamas; please explain!

Anonymous said...

dua ga nodrau session kei chodo

Anonymous said...

Yep!! If it is the speach I think you refer to, I thought to myself how the hell did he get hold of John Howard's spin doctor to write it for him. Then I thought maybe his spin doctor had managed to dredge up an old executive summary of the Pacific Plan.
Jesus Wept! It's obvious the man is believing his own bullshit

Anonymous said...

P.S. I think they call it "positioning". I.E. his mentors (perhaps I-arse and the witch doctor Sha Sha among others) are trying to create the illusion of their "vision" for Fiji - that is the one they want to present in Tonga.

Anonymous said...

The monkeys are running government right now. So it would be logical to presume that it's one hell of a circus right now in Fiji. Meanwhile the people suffer in silence! Isa my poor Fiji. I cry for you my beloved Fiji. I still pray for your deliverance. God bless Fiji.

Anonymous said...

Vinaka vakalevu Bubu. We look forward for more.

Anonymous said...

The writing is already on the wall for people and their days are numbered. They will soon find out who is in control.

Anonymous said...

It is evident that this regime will survive on lies and lies only. There's no truth campaign..only lies campaign.They are going to spread lies after lies to perpetuate their hold on power and create a new elite to rule Fiji. Bye bye democracy if people are going to accept this lies...

Anonymous said...

To Voreqe and your illegal govt.
The writing is on the wall and your days are numbered. It's just a matter of time from now.

Anonymous said...

Old Chinese proverb : -
Man with small penis must stand close to urinal !