Nov 8, 2007

Of Fools, Liars and Thuggery

Luvequ's this daily foolishness that we live in is enough to take your breath away every day eh ?!

This latest rubbish that this regime is trying to feed us about someone trying to "assassinate" the pigs and piglets attempting to take this country to the trough of ruin, is merely an attempt to move the public focus off the 9 soldiers that the military were trying to spirit out of the country so as to shield them from the law, as well as to take the public focus off what Voreqe promised he would do at the Forum in Tonga.

It is also the sign of a regime backed into a corner facing the wrath of their own people and knowing their days are numbered.

And it is becoming very clear that Voreqe and Co. are driven by personal hate and revenge against the people that made him run like a mongoose in the tapioka patch at Delainabua - so much so that short of bringing back the emergency regulations, they will go all out to put away the men they perceive to be their political opponents.

Each day the Junta governed by the Military Council feeds us lies and give into the public eye more unbelievable glimpses of the fools and the thugs that call themselves soldiers and policemen and who like to think they are in charge of our lives and our country.

Give it up boys !

No one believes you.

We are just waiting now with bated breath for the next round of fabricated evidence and bullshit you think we are going to swallow.

Noo siree no - no more rubbish. If you would like to contribute towards telling these fools how you feel please join my fellow Fiji Freedom Blogger Mawd in our email campaign.

And by the way, Voreqe, even though I do not condone voilence, I and many others in Fiji still dream every night that Robin Hood will swing down through the Naitasiri forest somehow soon and banish you and your dolly brigade away to Never-never-land, never to be seen again - amen. Let us pray.


Anonymous said...

And now the DPP has come out and said that their lawyers were threatened with arrest by nazi Ali on Tuesday.

Another LIE from fullchow madeye teleni! [we sat down and talked with them]

After ali stuffed up the ficac investigations and every other case he has touched this year, one can certainly see why he was dismissed by a real police commissioner, Andrew Hughes.

Anonymous said...

They can go to Never never land and join Michael Jackson the white gloved action man who will be more than happy to masi polo with the action glove ! Eeeuuuwww ! Vasisila ga o kemudou mai na keba.

Did you see the latest Bu - the DPP say they were threatened by Nasir and group. Woilei - what is happening to the rule of law in this country !!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Bubu wea r u? We are missing your blogs. How about a name for us non-racial monotonous alien islanders that the illegals are proposing for us citizens? Like that will solve anything . Sa tu ga na da.