May 26, 2008

Rising Signs of Fascism in Fiji ?

Thanks to this wonderful illustration from FIJI FREE SPEECH , I think this reflects a tipping point with the declaration today on the Regime's propoganda mouthpiece that the illegal regime in Fiji do not care if Elections are held or not.

You be the judge. What do you think ?

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Anonymous said...

Absolutely correct Bubu. I've noticed the signs for the past 18 months. While we've had many fearing 'the Left's' influence throughout, what has really been going on is completely the opposite.
The Facists are in power in Fiji. Even Shaista and Yippe-I-Aye got hoodwinked and now can't back their smart-ass way out of the mess they've created.
All their crap and self-indulgence justifying their involvement for some sort of 'common good' has actually been for a very singular 'good', and that good doesn't include Fiji's population - it only includes a self-appointed elite that they signed up to. The pigs at the trough. That's what you get when a few unprincipled hippie rich kid pot heads get together and sample all the fringe benefits, then decide they like it too much to give them up.
None of them are in any way left-wing. Their concern for society and equity cannot include anything that gives self-determinative rights because were it to do so, it would destroy them - it doesn't suit the pecking order they've designed.
They are Facists. Even those that might have deluded themselves that their intentions were honourable to begin with must be having second thoughts (or like Shaista and Yippe - their egos, Business Class and American Express have gotten the better of them).
Nothing more dangerous than a Facist with a mental illness. I'm at a loss understand why its taken so long for some to realise that Frank has a personality disorder - there are enough people around who've dealt with the idiot, and enough displays of stubborness, irrationality, flip-flopping, outbursts, temper tantrums, tailored uniforms, self-promotion, etc. etc. etc.
Interesting to reread the Malignant Narcissist post and the Boiled Frog.
Negotiations are all very fine and dandy, except without sending the right signals, as we all know, negotiating with madmen sometimes just serves to prolong things. There needs to be good faith and trust. In Frank's case there is none. Frank wants as many talks and negotiations as he can fit in his busy diary - for him, talks and negotiations can go way past the March 09 dealine.
He's incapable of good faith - he's scared and afraid of the consequences of his actions (like Mugabe). His only certainty is to keep the circus going for as long as he possibly can.
A few more need to desert his sinking ship. Frank doesn't care if he's alientating himself from the Fijian population. He does care if and when the opportunists begin to see they'll be the ones sacrificed if they don't distance themselves and jump off his lunatic merry-go-round.