Jun 21, 2008

The Full Moon Lecture

Ragone, I am baaaack ! Thanks to everyone who emailed me while I was ill. I have missed out on a lot but not much escapes my fellow bloggers who have covered most of it. I'm sorry that I was not been able to email you all back but I appreciated all the good wishes. Vinaka.

I had the luxury of reading all the blogger contributions from fellow Fiji Freedom Bloggers while prostrate and found much inspiration from most.

One of my fellow bloggers Tim, like FijiGirl, has much to say and I value very much their contributions.

So I have taken the liberty of pasting (with a few insertions by me which I'm sure he will forgive me for .. eh Tim ?) a contribution of what Tim had to say recently on SV .....

ONCE AGAIN and just as the full moon is with us, our nation cops it again from Frankie and his apologist's paranoia kicking in again.

Does anybody else think Frank trying to lecture us on neo-colonialism, respect and dignity is as funny as a fart?

I’d be laughing if it wasn’t bloody serious!

Frank isn’t the Brains of Britain, nor of Fiji, and most actually know what a bloody coward he is. His followers are probably too polite to say so only ‘cos he keeps them in smokes.

Its almost as funny as Dr Shyster Shameen lecturing on human rights or Madge Leweni trying to stay in tune.

Ooooh the indignity !
Ooooh the lack of respect !

The latest is that they"doubt the sincerity of Australia and NZ", and that Bhai reckons that "disparaging remarks of the Australian and New Zealand governments show that these two governments are condescending, hold neo-colonialist views and fail to recognise that Fiji is a sovereign state which needs to be treated with dignity and respect” (RNZi).

FIRSTLY SOME FACTS to remind Frank what the real situation is on the ground.

(1) Fiji’s sovereignty (and its population’s right to self determination) was raped by Frankie and his backers back in December 2006.

(2) The people of Fiji can see who is schooling Frankie - they tried using the same terminolgy unsuccessfully several months back. As many of us have pointed out before, Frank & his advisors hatred of neo-colonialism is rather hollow and selective. eg.

- China’s (and others’) imperialism = OK
- Australia/NZ = Not OK (that is if it can be described as neo-colonialism rather than simply keeping to the bargain Frankie made in Nov 2006)

3) it is even more laughable when what Frank & his cronies want to do is colonise the Fijian population according to the State of Frank’s Imperial Army and its impedimenta - like we have previously stated - all plans are tending towards fascism.

4) The dignity and respect the regime craves is something that is earned and not simply a one way thing. Here's how these virtues can be earned :

- if the junta applied a little dignity and respect for the people of Fiji
- acted in good faith and stuck to promises
- stopped lying
- dealt with some of the sins of the regime so that justice, dignity and respect for the friends and family they have murdered, beaten, robbed and generally abused can be addressed
- stop trying to socially engineer a whole society and race of people
- stop trying to undermine and depower traditional institutions dear to the itaukei
- front up and admit the REAL reasons this coup was carried out

THEN crabby Frankie and his pathetic circus might be taken seriously.


Isn’t it time for a reality check?
What have we got ? :

A) A vindictive revengeful Chodo as master of ceremonies who, when he can get past himself, puts in a days work. The rest of the time he spends neglecting the wife, servicing his "other kitchen", treating everyone like shit, and trying to figure out how he can use left-wing ideology and the loyalty of his members to support his own agenda. Comradeship and brotherhood for the working class man - we gotta stick together - united we stand, divided we fall (Shyster and Bubba alike). Admirable qualities IF they were genuine, except a couple of million stashed offshore. Chodo's RECORD TO DATE kind of shows otherwise - doesn’t this ring alarm bells for those that worship him?

B) The Brown Nose Brigade - Parmass, Aziz, Judge Nazi Shameen all desperately clinging to their elitist pongs.

C) A Military Commander that makes public statements from time to time and barely makes it past his REHEARSED lines everytime he has to face a camera or microphone - might as well have a bloody big monty python hand winding up the clockwork key stuck in the middle of his back.

D) A new (recycled) Lewenski attempting public relations when he has never been reknown for his ability to stay in tune. Perhaps his wife pumps him full of laughing gas in between grog bowl sesssions. Her duty is to keep his handkerchieves clean so he can mop up the dribble.

E) Doctor Shyster Shameen! Doctor Who?! You know - that woman that’s concerned for human rights. (Oh yes - those things!).
The one that’s struggled all her life and is so in touch with the working class man (oh yes, and of course women!). Rags to riches!. She should be an example to us all!. Fact is SHE IS, but not in the way she’d hoped to be.

D) One illegal iAG aka Aiyass of the verbal diarrhea variety and the gutless Judge Gates (as well as half the Catholic Church!). All way too busy passing judgement on everyone else in a bid to disguise their own BASIC personal dishonesty.


How in God’s name - or anybody else you might worship, do they expect people to take them seriously?

How long ago was NIMILOTE VEREBASAGA murdered?. What is so complicated ?

Where did Shyster Shameen of the champion of “human rights” with a pistol in her hand go on this ? She ACTUALLY expects us to take her seriously, as does Frank, as does Chodo and a few others of them.

This junta undertook to return to democracy asap. They all attempted to show us how appropriate and fitting they are to the positions they’ve assumed. Mai Vei !

Their credentials to perform the positions they’ve assumed are supposedly the best available. WHY then are they about to miss, which in many countries, will be a full electoral cycle in bringing us to elections?

Well maybe one reason is, that DESPITE what they ..........:

- signed up to
- committed to
- promised repeatedly
- assured everyone
- pretended to ...

to ALL they had their hand out to for money (and what they hoped would be mana or legitimacy) - EU, UN, FORUM, USAID, AUSTAID etc etc ......... they were, just like the dumbest of criminals, actually trying to formulate a background agenda.

Give us a break fellas.

Well Mr Coming-to-Fiji-Reeves - how the hell can you sort this absolute bugger’s muddle towards “progress” ?


Bottom line is Fiji's people have been held hostage by a treasonous madman with guns for 18 months. Plain and simple.

Not his role.
Not mandated.
All he needs to do is lay down arms and crawl away.

What then ?
Who knows ?


Anonymous said...

You go Bubu! Glad to see you've corrected my multiple typos, spelling and grammatical mistakes. Even better to know you're back on deck :)

Anonymous said...

Nice to see you back Bubu - I think lately the full moon has got everyone barking like mad dogs, and lately the idiots in green and in blue (thanks to Teleni and his bumbling ways, the police are now tarred with the same brush) have been driving me crazy with bullshit about being 'INCITEFUL' .

Please Bubu can you solve once and for all for me and my group of groggy Friday mates the debate about what this word really means and whether it is a true word. Someone said it is not a true word. Others in the group say its true

Please help put our argument in to the kosa.

Anonymous said...

in·cite [in-sahyt]

–verb (used with object), -cit·ed, -cit·ing.
to stir, encourage, or urge on; stimulate or prompt to action: to incite a crowd to riot.

[Origin: 1475–85; < L incitāre, equiv. to in- in-2 + citāre to start up, excite; see cite]

—Related forms
in·cit·a·ble, adjective
in·cit·ant, adjective, noun
in·ci·ta·tion [in-sahy-tey-shuhn, -si-] noun
in·cit·er, noun
in·cit·ing·ly, adverb

From my limited understanding of English, there is no such word as 'inciteful'.

Iit was 'created' by fullchow teletubby to hide the fact that he knows nothing about the law.