Dec 4, 2008

More brave Fijian Women telling it like it is

Topical wisdom from brave Fijian women that I admire (Letters to the Editor Fiji Rimes 4th December, 2008).


EVERYONE lies sometimes.

Young children sometimes have problems differentiating between telling fantasy from reality.

These children, however, do tend to have some psychological issues, which may range from lack of self-confidence or gregariousness.

But when adults continually lie and totally believe in their lie, it becomes pathological.

This is the problem with the regime and their military supporters.

First, it was the clean-up campaign.

Now, it's about them getting paid for what they "sacrificed" for our country.

Yes, we agree sacrifices have been made for our country but only the sacrifices made by true, courageous soldiers in past eras.

They fought for God and country, and upheld the Constitution without question.

The current crop should never, ever think we hold them too in the same high pedestal.

Because what you did is you robbed us of our rights to hope, to be successful, to be prosperous, to be financially secure, by lying and using your guns to threaten unarmed citizens and take over our democratically elected government in the name of "national development".

Stop the lies. Give us back our country and our elected leaders.


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Anonymous said...

It is of note that the end is ‘very near’ for magabe in Zimbabwe.

It is only a matter of days before African troops will pour into the country and lock the dictator up.

They will be the spearhead that will allow the UN health people to follow to give medical assistance and food to the sick, starving population.

As part of this co-ordinated effort, neighbouring countries will ban the transport of fuel through their countries thus rendering magabe’ silly soldiers and parasitic police immobile.

Within a few days, the UN and neighbouring countries will stabilise the country so that work can then progress on rebuilding.

It will be such a relief for the people of Africa to have disposed of a rotten apple from the barrel.

The Pacific Islands Forum will discuss a similar proposal when they meet in PNG soon.

The PIF leaders will base their decisions on the report to be prepared this week by the group of foreign ministers gathering in Suva tomorrow.

What will this report contain? Surely these items:-

* the supervisor of elections has NOT done any work in preparing for an election

* the jaundiced junta has not allocated any money for an election in 2009

* the moronic military maladministration has no plans to hold elections within the next 5 years

* the judiciary in Fiji has been corrupted by the current maladministration

* the jaundiced junta has increase the already bloated military budget at the expense of eduction and health

* human rights in Fiji are non-existent and the director of FHRC is a coup apologist

* the illegal AG and incompetent FHRC are scared and refusing interviews

* the current bunch of illegal ‘ ministers ‘ are incompetent

* the economy has collapsed and is being propped up by overseas borrowings ; not for infrastructure but for the military

* corruption is rife within the ranks of the maladministration

* education, health, roads, etc are crumbling as more and more money is diverted to the military

* the sugar industry has collapsed and has no immediate future under this maladministration

* the tourist industry is facing very hard times

* the police farce is paralyzed under the control of the dictator’s lieutenant who has no idea about policing

* basic services such as water, electricity and roads are failing as more money is moved to the military

IN SUMMARY:- Fiji is going backwards—- fast.

RECOMMENDATIONS:- PIF nations to intervene militarily if the dictator does not stand down within a week.

For the sake of all Fijians, let’s hope that a similar outcome is achieved in Fiji as to that currently being planned for Zimbabwe.