Jun 23, 2009

Fiji Regime afraid of Young People and their views

The military regime's utter incompetence at running the country is the direct result of the military adaptive strategies of self-deception, which on one hand tries to suppress negative thought and feelings but unfortunately promotes an elevated platform for illusions that are deemed 'positive' but so full of lies, it's amazing we aren't all blinded by now.

It is obvious that the Military nutters are growing more paranoid & more schizoid by the hour. Afraid of the humble pen.
Afraid of the humble religion.
Afraid of young people.

What next ?


Anonymous said...

Power & Greed have imploded their heads from Bainamarama & his group of 'free-riders' to what they think is Supreme Fiji Power.

Every dog has its days & Bainimarama & all his cronies including his side kick in the blogosphere 'Crobie Walsh' who thinks might be offered a position of status for his ongoing support for the Puaka man- VB.


raiwaqa kids said...

wots next is a good question. wots next is for us to get up off our lazy ass'es and get protesting for our rights. if we don't we only have ourselves to blame. we will be letting down our future generations and we need to tells these asses that we dont think there guns are great. we dont think they have any brains and they are certainly not setting us free. more like in bondage.

we need to tell the military to piss off. they have no right telling us wat to think, do or feel.


FijiGirl said...

Afraid of their own shadows?
God bless Fiji

Anonymous said...

And of that's not enough to get your blood boiling look at this. Official records of Frank's salary negotiation. He's robbing the country blind.