Nov 10, 2009

Fiji - Gone to the Dogs


wame waqa said...

BUBU, retract your comment on the Methodist Church leaders, for the same reason King David could not kill King Saul,- because The Methodist Leaders, and King Saul, were Ordained or chosen by GOD, and let Him deal with them in His own way. NOT you condemnation.

Discombobulated Bubu said...

Bula WW. I stand by my comments on the Methodist Church. They need to show some guts and leadership. They are bending this way and that at the feet of the Military whim - its shameful and shows a ship with no Captain, no rudder and possibly no wheel. They have shown no spine.

Their nationwide congregation deserves better.

wame waqa said...

Bula Bubu. I Knew that it would take courage to be hit in the guts by my reply comments, on the stand of the Methodist Leaders. What you did is very similar to what Vore is doing to the media. Only the things that goes your way is printed, and what hurts, under the carpet. May God give you peace.

Discombobulated Bubu said...

Bula WW - I thank you for your comments which I have published as I do all other comments that make some sense.

The current Methodist Leaders have my letters with them as to their non-stand. They have been given this forum to publish their views. They chose not to rock the boat.

Thats not leadership and moral courage in my books.

They are choosing to bend and conform to the military's wishes. The have not stood up for what is right.

I am not about to pussyfoot around them because they are seemingly ordained by God. They have failed our people plain and simple. Thats my view.

And thank you again for your views.

Your analogy with Vore and the media are very much amiss I am afraid. Vore and Co are doing what the Nazi's did many years ago, what Mugabe is doing and what the Colonels in Burma are doing - they are doing all this behind the security of the gun and with coercion and force. They are tailing and following people, muzzling the media, stealing fromt he national coffers under the guise of multi-racialism etc etc... it does go on my dear boy ..... anyway, I'm sure you get the drift.

And may God bless you too.

Anonymous said...

Bubu, as you have said above, that you will only publish blogs that make sense, when the killing starts, nothing makes sense. An exploding bomb does not distinguish male, female, young, old, methodist, muslim or Tom and Jerry. That is the situation in Fiji now - a ticking time bomb waiting for a madman to set it off. So dont count yourself a madman by pushing the Methodist leaders to resist an already existing cornered madman.

Discombobulated Bubu said...

Luvequ Anon - there are ways and means to make it known that one does not accept certain things in society.

I am not advocating violence. All I am asking for is a stance. A firm stand to be made on the illegality and the immorality of what is going on ... you know it , I know it .... are we to lay down and meekly accept all this wrongdoing ? Where is our pride ? Where have OUR values gone ?

The effect of the continuous barrage of lies and propoganda from this regime is like a bomb - the effect of it is to silence and to annihilate our people’s belief in our names (eg. anything with the word "Fijian" in it is now rejected by the regime), in ourselves, in our language , in our environment, in our heritage of struggle, in our unity, in our capacities and ultimately in ourselves.

Soon the opressed begin to believe the lies that are repeated often enough.

What then does this altered world-view give to our generations coming ?

- Its ok to steal and usurp by force?
- Its ok to bully people, censor without a court, and ok to lie ?
- If so then conflict is inevitable and we will only have ourselves to blame.

Our Church has a moral and christian obligation to its flock to talk about these issues and to address these issues head on.

Our Church has NOT addressed these simple issues by making a stand. They should NOT be spending time and money looking for excuses for vosota which they are doing. For any principled leadership, this is never an option.

3 years have passed since the last coup, and we are in danger of losing our way and our uniqueness as a people because of the loss of our dignity, the loss of our voice, the loss of our traditional and religious sign-posts, and to a large extent the loss of our culture where it has been diluted to a point where it’s non-recognizable - it resembles some kind of annihilation - a horrible thing more insidious than the physical slaying of men.

I am not asking for much - just a strong principled stand.

And yes our situation as demoralised Fijians, is a time bomb, whether or not a stand is made. That we cannot change. But at least our people will have leadership, and personal pride restored, and an oar to grab hold of when the time comes to start our long paddle back to normalcy & decency and respect for the rule of law.

Anonymous said...

Bubu, do you think that the Methodist leaders, have not deliberated well on the path which you want them to take? The very thing that Vore want right now is resistance, to justify his existance. Why do you think the PER is being extended for another month? It is the legalising of the quashing of the very resistance you want, regardless if it is peaceful. Why do you think people were made to crawl on their belly in dirty drains, or the ladies had frogs put in their panties, or the horrible things done to those who ended up dead? Those were principled stand. Preachers who speak out against the regime were made to run at the military camp. Those were individual stands, and many more. Have you been beaten at the hands of these soldiers who kick your brains and guts out? I am not talking about being scared of the torture. I am talking about the extent which the principled stand will lead to.
You have not seen a fraction of what will happen, if resistance is met by blunt brute force.
Taht is what the Methodist leaders are trying to avoid- a senless decision, whech is against the princple of Christ, their leader.
Moce Bubu. Let sleeping dogs lie.

Discombobulated Bubu said...

Anon your response is very sad indeed - the questions that you raise about the things done to our own people "in the name of " (WHO?) - is the very essence of what I am trying to point out.

Also just to be clear, the principled stand I am talking about is the christian and moral kind - the ones you refer to are totally unprincipled as they stem from an unethical and amoral base.

Your response is that we should lay down and meekly accept frogs in our panties and people being murdered by our own kind.

I don't think so and I don't expect our church leaders to lay down and be trodden over either.

Jesus gave up his life for others to be saved.

Why can't we make a stand for our makabuna and our future direction on this earth ? Whats so hard about you seeing this point?

Perhaps I can put it in another way for you - I believe that "the kingdom of God" is only advanced through the transforming of people, who are eternal, and their beliefs which are reflected in their actions towards one another.

This does not ignore structures, for structures are a tangible reflection of the legitimacy of the faith of a community, but it recognizes that change begins and ends with people’s personal beliefs.

Jesus did not attack structures or institutions, he did not speak against structures and institutions, and he did not try to establish structures and institutions. What he was concerned about was the personal relationship of individuals with God and with others.

Structures only function as people establish and run them. They are only destroyed when people destroy them.

The means of opposing an unjust system must involve a spiritual change of heart for there to be permanent and effective change.

So from a christian and moral standpoint, the church must promote a good and moral and christian viewpoint to advocate charitable acts, foster kindness etc., teach wrong from right and to help influence against selfish and unjust gain.

Therefore the aim of our Christian Leaders is ultimately not to overthrow or replace unjust structures, but to change the hearts of those who desire to profit from injustice. And to assist those who cannot decide what is right and wrong along their way.

The Christian praxis of liberation must always be one of working from the inside out so that structures crumble like the Berlin wall in 1989 – because people on both sides were tearing it down.

I hope you see my point now.

wame waqa said...

Bubu, you are mixed up. First you blame the Methodist leaders for not taking a stand against Vore's regime, and called them immoral and cowards,and now you are on my side of the arguement.
The Methodist leaders are fighting this regime spiritually,- exactly Bubu. What more do you want. Has the Methodist leaders changed their stand? They are resisting this regime in a Christian way, one which cannot be seen by earthly eyes.
Lastly Bubu, Jesus died like a lamb, with mouth shut, no resistance, and no violance against the Roman empire. His silence broke the Roman empire.
No one has excepted the things dished out by the Vore regime, but the silent stand of the Methodist leaders, is like a heap of burning fire on their head of this regime.
This is my last letter Bubu, thanks for sharing your view.

Discombobulated Bubu said...

WW vinaka for sharing yr views. It looks like you and I will never agree on our interpretations because I do not believe the Methodist leadership is resisting this leadership.

To me they are accepting what is happening and they are not attempting to influence their congregation otherwise in the spiritual manner.

They have not questioned the morality of this regime - indeed they CONDONED Rabuka's regime and have not atoned for this fact since then.

Their silence weighs heavily on our national conscience and this is reflected from the pulpits - that is why I label them cowards.