Jul 29, 2010

Newspaper articles determine Fiji Dictatorship foreign policies

The wisdom or lack thereof of Bainimarama and his regime reached new heights today when Radio Fiji very proudly published this amazing insight into the small minds dictating our country:

Madness Confirmed

Frank having a giggle with Graeme Davis about how he makes up his foreign policy by studying the newspapers, and running - oops reading - between the lines.


Jovesa M. Lagakali said...

I was recently talking to some people from Nigeria who tell me that despite the multi-party system in Nigeria, the country is more or less subjected to dictatorship rule and under the bondage of dictators who are hiding under the umbrella of political parties.

Nigeria's ruling People's Democratic Party(PDP)will be "celebrating" 50 years of hopelessness in October and have awarded themselves 20 billion Naira to celebrate. They are inviting like-minded world leaders to squander this money at the party.

In discussion we couldnt help but compare notes as to the Fiji situation. Take this Natadola 'big-deal for little-men meeting" for instance: .... the money that was squandered so that Bainimarama could fluff his feathers and strut his talk, is not a big deal to those him and his lackeys that approved it because they can steal, loot and cart away millions through exaggerated salaries and bonuses while the rest of us can go to hell.

The same situation in Nigeria applies to us in Fiji. I see no difference.

Those in power, who think and act foolishly owe us no apology, no probity and no accountability because we didn’t vote for them.

Our politics is jungle politics where the fittest survive and win everything.

The weak and losers lick their wound and beg for favours.

We are in trouble and constant dilemma.

Our children's futures I fear have been stolen even before they are born.

Anonymous said...

The imbecile is a character born in a corrupted state - who often engages in corrupting behaviour - and who is doomed to an inescapable fate.

Yedo go frankie go.

ex Fiji tourist said...

Congratulations Bubu on getting a camera into bananasinpyjamas' office.

You have captured the complete essence of the fool.

Anonymous said...

When I'm dictator, there will be no more little dictators in government to make life miserable.