May 19, 2011

Fa'aSamoa and Togafisi

Talofa Lava PM Tuilaepa is always welcome on the Fisi Democracy Blogs, with his refreshing witticism, his latest badinage seeing global warming imputed to the hot air rising in Fisi.

We will remember that it was he who once advised Frank to stick to planting cassava and then called him a scrawny chicken.

On Franks frequent outbursts and rants, Tuilaepa also famously quipped :

"I'm curious if he was sober or perhaps there was a full moon out that night”

In the same interview :

"And why does Fiji need an army for anyway", Tuilapea asked.

“Perhaps Bainimarama fears a combined canoe attack from Tuvalu and Kiribati, its closest neighbours. That must be it.”
Nods head.

And adds.

“This is a region known for friendly people and its pristine environment- a paradise on Earth. Having a (interim) Prime Minister dressed up in army beret and full military garb is a bit ridiculous.”

Tuilapea says that he has been told that Mr Bainimaramna is part Samoan... that he has a Samoan grandmother.

“I'm tempted to go down to the Lands and Titles courts and look up his family genealogy in Samoa. Then I'll send for his family matai (chief) in Samoa and tell him to reprimand his long-lost descendent in Fiji. To give him (Bainimarama) severe censure for being cheeky, being ill-disciplined and having no manners."

And what of Bainimarama's People's Charter?

“It's utter rubbish. He's trying to replace Fiji's Constitution with that People's Claptrap, or whatever it is. The Constitution is the cornerstone of democratic government and democratic governance. You only get democratic government by holding free and fair elections and having citizens elect their leaders in Parliament. That's how the system of democratic government works.”

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ex Fiji tourist said...

Thanks for that summary of his great humour.

he certainly has bananasinpyjamas all summed up.