May 21, 2011

Guerilla Bainidrama recruiting military Mercenaries

The idiotic buffoons at the Fiji Military have produced a notice (published on Coup 4.5) to Fijian military mercenaries to come running into Bainidrama's arms at Taxpayer Expense.

What for ?

To invade Tonga ?

Is this where our FNPF money is drifting away to ?
Enough of this nonsense already !!!!!!

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Suli said...

Woilei ... mosi ! ROFL.

Tony said...

It is timely to remind the people of Fiji who murdered the following soldiers in cold blood :

Selesitano Kalounivale, Jone Davui, Epineri Bainimoli and Lagani Rokowaqa, and civilians Baleiloa, Rabaka, Malasebe, Verebasaga

Read more:,9171,1568506,00.html#ixzz1MyCRSKTX,9171,1568506,00.html

Anonymous said...

@ Tony.

Keep those names & details in a safe place - will be needed one day.