May 18, 2011

His Royal Fugitiveness talks to Barbara - preview

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News Article from Radio NZ
May 18 5.45 pm

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Tony said...

OK so one hopes that this isn't just another dog and pony show.

Tevita Mara needs to start showing us proof of the life he lived in the Dictatoship.

Now that his own wife has been physically carted away by armed soldiers and incarcerated, I hope he now realises the sheer terror and hopelessness that he himself subjected other citizens to whilst he was in a position to bully and maim.

There are many thousands in Fiji that are not willing to forgive this man so easily - he must talk now and convince us that he is still not (and not still)JUST another circus proprietor.

FijiGirl said...

Vinaka D.Bubu for posting these videos. It's good to know what coverage our beloved land is getting overseas. The eyes of the world truly are watching.
God bless Fiji