Jun 1, 2011

How to tell you might be a dictator

Lately, all ofa ta worlt, ta ratio and ta news has been filled with news of uprisings & ordinary folks taking to the streets to overthrow their long-time dictators.


Keep The Faith said...

Your makupuna may become highly sought after and overnight millionaires in these times D-Bu!

ex Fiji tourist said...

To hairyatse, bananasinpyjamas and your sycophants:

here are some details of your new home.

You may like to pack a few books to take with you.

I hope you like ping pong. Surely bananasinpyjams must be good at it after all his hospital trips to china.


Bob said...

Some business people are saying privately that they are ready to contribute money to the cause, but they don't want to be caught. They know that Bainimarama and Khaiyum are into revenge and pay-back.

Frank's nemesis said...

@ Bob....when I was talking to a businessman (well known one) he said to me "the only sound investment in Bainimarama's Fiji is funding his overthrow- there are no profits to be made ina Banana Republic run by a two-bit military dictator".

Ashok said...

I have heard that business people with investments in Fiji are interested in supporting Roko Ului. A lot of them still remember his father. They think if he's half as good as his father he can make a difference. Let's hope some of them do more than talk. They should put together a war chest so he can work up a serious campaign to return to democracy.