Aug 22, 2011

Political Debate and the Human Will for Justice and Goodness cannot be suppressed in Fiji

No matter how hard the Fiji Junta tries to put good men down, political will and the resilience of good men and women will ALWAYS come to the fore.

Just for example, Gaddaffi's regime was FINISHED today the 22nd of August 2011

He is a dead-man walking today.

Tomorrow he may meet his just deserts at the hands of the people of Libya that he tried to suppress and stamp on like vermin all the years of his despotic rule.

Praise be.

Bainimarama and Kaiyum and your evil band of suppressors - take note ..... lots ... and lots .... of notes .....

Today I note with great sadness also the loss of yet another great academic and wonderful Fijian son from our dwindling ranks of principled good citizens who have the pertinacity to speak out loud and proud about what rankles us and what should concern us all.

I know that Wadan Narsey will continue his great work in other ways and will continue to be a wonderful representative of , and for the real people of Fiji.

Today I also salute the Methodist Church for standing their ground against the Regime. The people are watching . Let's pray they do not break under pressure.

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