Oct 17, 2011

Rugby - reflecting the State of a Nation


Malcolm Reeves, NZ said...

Glad to see the people of Fiji appreciated this World Cup semi-final.

If Fiji was on its game minus the military interference and the religious crap that certain coaches tried to load on the boys, Fiji could have been there at the semi's.

But no the military regime seem the think they can dominate the nation.

So be it ... and there it slides.

Cut to NZ - heads are up finally some joy after horrendous suffering after the earthquakes and in the combined aftermath of the world recession. Well done Henry and Captain Courageous McCaw and our island boy Weeps. Long may the AB's reign.

Anonymous said...

Ok hang on tour funny hats - this is a killer .

Now the military backed Rugby Union Board are blaming the overseas coaches in a banner headline running on the Fiji Broadcasting Station tonight (17th Oct).

"Overseas coaches killed Fijian flair" runs the pathetic headline.

"The Fiji Rugby Union Board of Inquiry has found that the structured style of play introduced by the overseas coaches caused the downfall of the Flying Fijians at the Rugby World Cup."