May 16, 2012

All Moo - Fiji AirWaze

Air Pacific is dead - sa mate kalas, ek dum, finito, oti, sa lako vei Atu, Teleni took it with him to China in his suitcase. No - maybe Arsi Kaiyum drank it down with his whiskey good muslim boy that he is ... No, no  - they ran out of sugar at the Lautoka Mills, and so they crunched Air Pacific through the cane crushers and thats why the mills broke down ....

..... and the various reasons/gossip for the demise of the brand called Air Pacific go on well into the night around the bati ni tanoa. ....

The new father of our dead airline is a chap called David Flyga (cos he likes to fly ga .. get it - very clever his mother was in naming him that - haha). Anyhow ragone the gossip is that he has suddenly decided that the old brand was no good and he has decided on a brand new name ... woo hoo.

Air fijiways ... no wait .. i cant remember I am getting older you know ... it must be Fiji Ways? Fiji Waze. Fiji Daze. Fiji Frays .... Osobo .....  No - its something to do with the Tourist branding Fiji Mi - or is it Fiji Mi Mi ?

woilei .....

I'm sorry I have just asked the makabuna .. they said its Fiji Moo Lines but I think they might be fooling me. But I must admit its a very good name for the new airline as its nearly the same as pigs flying. Moos flying is just that much more of a point of difference don't you think ?

So Bubu organised a village competition to see who could come up with the best poster promotion and best new uniform idea for the dead new airline.

Bubu received some gems on kati night, but by far we had to put this one up as the best of the lot . What genius you will agree - and a lot of skill marrying the military command and their colours, with Flyga the Father of the new Moo pedigree ... oh and that red colour - of course,  to be attractive to all those new thousands of Chinisi tourists to our country all coming to see the 100 new casinos in the sand.

Feel free to click on the poster to enlarge it and print it out for your bedroom wall - isa and for those poor flood victims still got no walls .... join them together to make a curtain for them and go and hand them out. Father Flyga will thank you for your promotions to the people of Fiji he so dearly loves.

 Fly the all new Fiji Moo Lines.
We Moo-ve you - in more ways than one.

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Keep The Faith said...

ROFLMFAO. You did it again Bubu. Hilarious!!