Feb 14, 2013

Junglee Murgi's in Paris

I am still wondering why a dictator of a small country in the South Pacific has to go to France to look at a big plane that is being purchased by Fiji's national airline.

This particular dictator has experience as a naval deck-hand only. He went to military college and failed. Then he wormed his way up to the top of the social heirarchy in the military and then took power by threatening to shoot the citizenry of the country. There are no planes in this career picture.

He can't fly a plane, but he loves spending tax-payers money. So he trips rounds the world to look at planes.

What for? Will it fly better now that he's ogled it ?

Makes perfect sense, hana?

What is most aggravating is that funds for this plane has come from Fiji's pension fund. The same fund that has been raped by this dicatator and his cronies . The same fund that is now no longer able to pay out pensioners in Fiji because the chief jungle bunny has decreed it so.

So I find out that the Dictator and his contingent of junglees are staying at the George V Hotel in Paris.

One premier suite at this hotel costs $6300 gobsmacking Australian Dollars per night (or $11,000 Fijian dollars per night).

Oh and I found a picture of the junglees on the junglee Facebook page. 

It is clear that Chief Junglee has been all ears talking with the french inBRED advisors, and Lizzie is trying hard to recover from all that wine on the flight over . Meanwhile Mr hanger-on's choice of target-practise jersey must just say it all for the frogs .... priceless.

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