Apr 29, 2013

Fiji's Attorney General reveals new blog and surprise snap election news

I see the AG of Fiji has finally got a blog going in which he promises to be transparent and present issues straight from the horses mouth.

Good on him I say.

Its about time.

And he reveals fascinating insight into his personable nature, and the surprising news that we may actually be having a snap election in September of this year 2013.

His new blog is at : http://attorneygeneralfiji.blogspot.com/


Anonymous said...

LOL! @ Fiji's sick joke of the decade! Can't wait to see him brought to justice and thrown in the gallows for treason!!

Law firms in Delhi said...

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Keep The Faith said...

Not even his bad 'fro will save him from the hangman's noose - literal or figurative.

Anonymous said...

the owners of this blog are assholes and motherfuckers
there mothers ans sisters should be raped in open streets by everyone