Apr 18, 2013

Frankie goes to Pee'NGee

Poor Frank. He was feeling unloved recently.

No one would give him 21 gun salutes like the Queen, or trot out marching boys to help make his chest puff out, so off he went to Pee'nGee; a neighbouring country well known in the Pacific for its volatile friendliness and wavering loyalties (depending on who has the money).

Frank could identify with his Melanesian bro's over there, (eshpeshechilly for the 40 million dollars he was told prior to going that he would be given ... whooooa). 

So Frankie took Meery, their daughter and a couple hundred thousand of Fiji Taxpayer's funds along for some sightseeing .

They got their 20 and some gun salutes. And as a bonus were all trotted out recently to the biggest ball of the year in Pee'nGee to hear Frankie make hish ushual shlosshy shpeeechhes, and snigger at his signature possum-in-the-headlights look.

Bubu took some photos of them at the ball and spotted some shiny new features on the way. Enjoy.

Bubu was also pleased to see that the Pee'nGee hosts at their news conference were very generous and true in their depiction of the great leader from Fisi.


Susi said...

Meery just spotted her wine bottle coming her way ROFL !

Fijian in PNG said...

Shame the microphone gun didnt go off! The world would have become a nicer place in an instant.

Unknown said...

The likeness in the portrait is truly amazing