May 17, 2013

Air Pacific outed as Pacific's major Shark Fin trafficker into Asia 


 International airline Air Pacific – soon to be rebranded as Fiji Air – has been exposed as one of the world’s major carriers of shark fins into Hong Kong.

In an extensive investigation, the South China Morning Post has reported that the airlines’ new Airbus A330 aircraft were, according to a group of pilots familiar with its operations "basically a thinly-disguised freighter" carrying shark fins to the territory from Pacific islands.

Hong Kong is the world centre for shark fin trading with the fins used to make an expensive soup.

A coalition of environmental groups claim in a letter to the airline that a “substantial amount” of the shark fins imported into Hong Kong arrive on Air Pacific.

We sought reaction from the main stakeholders in the regime who produced the following responses.

FROM the outgoing airline's Chief Executive David Finlarger and the Regime's swanky Attorney General Mr Aiyarse Finyum the following correction to our story:

And FROM the Regime's absolute ruler Mr Buiniqiorama, the usual brainy and quick-witted come-back- at-you denial question :


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