Jul 11, 2013

Neighbourhood Watch Speaks out

A most entertaining and proactive correspondent who is also a very successful business woman wrote to me yesterday to say how stressed and annoyed she and her family have been by thinking they had to be sensitive to certain pro-regime neighbours, friends and business customers.

They have decided to say what they feel and give people the democratic choice of whether they wish to be associated with them in any way, favour or form.

Here was the result which she has posted up on her business door as well as on the front door of the family home.

Since the notice went up, however, she reports that her door has almost been trampled in with people sighing relief and expressing solidarity with her sentiments. In addition she says her business customers have increased significantly.

A very pleasing development indeed.

Feel free to download and post on your own front door.


Babra Malimali said...

Media Freedom = this is how we practice our rights?

Shame on you Bubu, how can you be go so low to put up something new on your blog?

Discombobulated Bubu said...

@BM : What are you smokin' ?

Smoking Gun said...

Barbra is sitting on the barrel of a SMOKING gun that's why shes not making sense.