Jul 2, 2013

Russia rolls the eyeballs at Bainimarama Bufoonarisms

The buffoon that apparently represents himself as Fiji's (unelected) Prime Minister recently went to Russia on a rugby sevens sight-seeing jaunt disguised as a diplomatic/trades visit.

He was accompanied by his wife and an entourage of coat hangers and fustilarians - we have counted 11 extras but understand there could be others.

 Ministry of Information put out a couple of videos showing Commodore Buffoon meeting the hoi poloi, fawning over them, making very small (minded) talk and waving at them with piece of paper or glasses in hand - going ape.

Most uncouth, especially in diplomatic circles. One can imagine the Russians dining out on this one in years to come. They could possibly compare notes with Indian Officials when on a trip there last year our Commandant wiped his nose with his turban in front of the whole country.

The most mortifying embarrasment took place in this video if you blink, you will miss the gaffe, so we have laid it out below frame by frame.

It is noted that after this gaffe, the Russian PM except for one quick glance did not address dopey directly at all and that is saying something.

And heere's Dopey .....

Click to view larger Pote


Nemsi said...

Just goes to show you can put lipstick on a pig , but the pig remains a pig , and it ain't pretty!

Rasputin said...

good one Nemsi.
if it smells like a pig, oinks like a pig and looks like a pig, its gota be a pig.
and the whole contingent is like animal farm...the kaivitis doing the kerekere in vodka land.
if you listen very closely, what the pig said to the Russian PM which did not impress the Russian at all was...hey Mr Comarade Putin (forgetting that this guy is not the President), our boys will whip ur boys asses in the world cup sevens.

Anonymous said...

Can u see Naupote's face after shaking hands with medyedevIL?
'momma momma , guess whaaaat.i just met santa!!!

Anonymous said...

It was a real embarrassing cringe worthy encounter as usual with bai being the main blundering subject. I felt sorry for Medvedev who extended his hand to be the first to shake dopey's hand. But what did dopey do. A real wacko - he bypassed Medvedev and shook the next man in line first. Medvedev was caught in such embarrassment that he had to do some hand movement to distract the pote he suffered through the indolence of dopey. I am wondering if the Ruskys spoke or wrote in English as there were a lot of introductions and papers signed and there were no interpreter in sight.