Jun 25, 2008

Propoganda Overdose

It is truly sickening the rubbish the illegal regime in Fiji are putting across each day.

If you are wise you will be aware that the majority of press releases from the regime such as the above is pretty much all bullshit.

I am sorry for swearing ragone but I can't help it anymore.

Read the above piece properly and lets dissect this pure piece of propoganda:

(A) 1000 villages. What a neat number - not 962 or 346 ???
Hmmmm. Personally, I think this number was quite likely plucked out of the smoggy Suva air.

(B) No mention of how many meetings were convened and in which provinces ?

(C) No mention of how many people attended each meeting?

I personally know of quite a number of venues where NO ONE turned up.
Are these meetings recorded in the magic number of 1000?

And at another non-memorable meeting, 5 people turned up (and I was one of them)

... Hmmmm these numbers can hardly be termed "the majority of people" .

(D) At these meetings HOW was public agreement with changes to the electoral process monitored? A show of hands ?

I certainly wasn't asked to show my hand at the meeting!

So, summary of this press release ?

PURE BALONEY (very similar to Shyster's gas-bag releases)


Anonymous said...

I bet their records are meticulous (NOT).
Lorine Tevi will no doubt be prepared to provide a list of the 1000 villages to the Fiji Times and other media.

Anonymous said...

And by the same twisted logic as above, the jaundiced junta has announced that they have heard that 98% of all men killed in WW11 were wearing trousers; so wearing trousers is bad for your health.