Jun 25, 2008

What an Ass

This article is too unhinged for words in so far as Ay-ass trying to assert his puny authority.

Ay-ass must not have much work to do.

Anyway the sad but humorous parallels are many as any of you that have had a sad experience with Vista may appreciate.

As the makabuna say : Too bad, so sad, so mad !


Anonymous said...

Excellent point . Also see this article today


(copy and paste the above ALL TOGETHER)

I see that the sorry arse Kyaiyum is all upset because Microsoft wont return his calls .. well hello - what else do you expect when you call God !


Anonymous said...

As if the ass has the moral authority to questions anyone else's decisions.

He is in his position without any say so from the people of Fiji.

So until there is an elected Govt elected freely and fairly without any pre-conditions to engineer the results, Bill Gates can do what he likes with the word Fiji.

Hopefully the end product doesnt reflect the current state of affairs in Fiji ..... a total Fizz.

Mark II Fizzi.

Anonymous said...

Fiji govt sends angry note to Microsoft

June 27, 2008 - 10:36AM

Fiji's military government has written to the software giant Microsoft demanding the company not use their country name in any of its products.

Fiji's interim attorney-general Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum has released a letter sent to Microsoft's co-founder Bill Gates on Thursday, after media reports the software company may call its yet-to-be-released software "Windows Fiji".

"As a sovereign state the government asserts its absolute ownership over the use of the word `Fiji' and reserves all its rights under all relevant laws to protect and defend the use of the word `Fiji'" the letter says.

"Microsoft Corporation is hereby instructed to immediately cease and desist with any use of the word `Fiji' in relation to any of its products now or in the future," it says.

But Microsoft's Ben Green told Fairfax media the name "Fiji" was an internal working code name for the Windows Media Center TV software package.

"(It) is not intended to be used in an external marketing context," he said.

As you may know Bill Gates will be leaving Microsoft soon and travelling around for a little while in his luxury cruise yacht. A little bird tells me he will be bypassing Fiji for all the hassles he is best advised to avoid.

How short sighted is that of the interim Ass ?