Jan 19, 2013

The strange bedfellows that make the Fijian Gleichschaltung

Gleichschaltung (DEFINITION:  Coined in the Nazi era, it is the shifting of an entire society according to a predetermined clearly defined world-view, or dictatorial philosophy to facilitate riding roughshod over society deliberately and systematically destroying existing traditional societal structures and critics , including the abolition of the middle class/ academia so that every form of independent activity such as media freedom and association was controlled by the State.The aim is to strike petrified fear into all and sundry and get abject compliance in all things)

The Fijian Gleichschaltung began when Kaiyum's vindictive practical pursuit of his sunset clause theory for the Fijian culture began, and Bainimarama's love of money and thirst for power met.

All aspects of life in Fiji now fall under the absolute leadership of these two fiends and their cohorts. Like the two symbiotic parasites they are this is a marriage made in parasitic heaven.

A confession, and bit of history

I knew Bainimarama personally for many years.

As young people growing up in Suva, those were adventurous days, and Bainimarama stood out in our crowd for many inapt reasons.

First a massive chip on his shoulder about not being of Fijian blue blood or of Fijian full blood. He was immensely envious of those who had blood ties to the great Chiefly lineages and had a thing about wanting to be better than 'them'.

Second, always wanting to be the Big Man, and the Leader of this team and that project, and absolutely hating any opposition to his ideas.

Third, a sneering condescending attitude to Indians and other races. He was and still is very racist despite what he mouths today . Frank seemed to resent the fact that he was actually classed as a kai-loma and not a true Fijian as we would say in those days. Therefore he tried very hard to be as "Fijian" as he could. He had a very ostentatious manner of speech, was big on taking revenge and exhibited a quick irrational temper and a constant venomous spirit. He sure wanted to be noticed.

At the end of the day we would snigger about his behaviour as his swagger and mentality became more and more uncouth and thuggish. Eventually as the years went by, we all drifted away and he was left with very few friends, most of whom exhibited the same behaviour in the hard drinking and hard swearing gang.

Fourthly, when there was hard work to be done, we could never find Frank - he was always narcissisticly grooming himself, settling into a rehearsed posture as if he were busy thinking or delegating work to others, even when he was in the midst of a group ... Nooo his hands wouldn't be dirtied if he could place the work / blame onto others.

So that was Frank. When he emerged a second time as Coup 'Saviour' in 2006 , my heart sank. I knew his exhibited traits when we were younger had morphed into a wanton lust for power and privilege.

At last Frank can lord it over those with Fijian Royal Blood  At last he can vent his frustration and anger against our Chiefs and those institutions that never recognised him as either a leader or a chief or dare I say it even as a Fijian, and those that ridiculed him because he was 'kai-loma'. I do note that somewhere along the line, he did give himself the title of 'Ratu'. It must be really good to be a dictator.

The spider 

A few months after the coup in 2006 along came the spider in the form of some odd chap called Ayarse Khaiyum, a 2 bit lawyer with an manipulative personality and an extreme attitude about Fijians, his fellow countrymen.

He had written a thesis about closing down the Fijian culture and when he met a power hungry Frank, some light bulbs went off. Aha,  here was a way to prove his theory and control and cull those dastardly natives he despised so much.

The two men had many things in common. They were both narcissistic, opportunistic, greedy, mean-spirited and power-hungry. Frank was also running from treason charges, and Ayarse was reeling from not being able to climb the career ranks in Suva as quickly as he thought he should.

Ayarse persuaded Frank his legal know-how was priceless and that only he knew how to squash his enemies. They had many a laugh as to who would suffer, for how long, and the methods by which they could achieve their enemies demise.

In return, Frank offered him powerful positions to lord over the great unwashed.

Combined with the threat of gunpowder and physical intimidation from his private army, Frank uses Ayarse to control the populace with laws (illegal) called Decrees, and manipulate governing rhetoric.

Ayarse uses Frank to carry out his thesis and rule our nation as the puppet master. How he must snigger at Frank's naivety when he goes home at night.

So, here we stand - Fiji 2013.

Decree after decree (269 at this point in time) after indimidation and warped rhetoric, these strange bedfellows are telling us not asking,  to surrender our political will and individual liberties to them.

To what end ? And why to them?  Whats so special about these two men ?

How perverted that these two men, polar opposites in their hatred of the other race, should now demand we are theirs for the taking as lords and masters of our destiny and our nation. 

As history shows, abusive and power hungry leaders play on their people's insecurities and promise much for so little.

How much more of these opportunistic, deceiving, lying, greedy buzzards can the people of Fiji stomach?

The trouble with accepting Gleichschaltung and the Fuhrer principle is that it creates dictators and despots who speak of unity and togetherness while solidifying power and control. As an example many citizens are not aware of the development In the Fiji Military Forces - now having to swear allegiance not to Fiji , but to the Commander himself !!!!! ( a fine illustration of the Fuhrer principle).

Freedoms surrendered are seldom if ever reinstated apart from revolution or war.


Anonymous said...

Your blog is full of bullshit stories!!

Discombobulated Bubu said...

Luvequ, isa Bai used to talk like this all the time when we were young.

However, I am glad you stopped by to have a read as it was your choice totally to read, or not to read.

And its great to have your opinion and I thank you for making the effort to get past the word verification that avoids spam on this blog.

I hope to hear from you again and please by all means offer your own opinion to me - I am very interested in your take on things.

Anonymous said...

Your description of Vore is so accurate. I know him and totally agree with how you describe him. He is really a "look at me guy"

Anonymous said...

is this all true? then what is the future of fiji?when are we going fight for our freedom?when is the dictator give up power?what will happen 2 our liberty,freedom of speech,freedom of the press?and lastly who & when is someone can free us from this dictating miltary govement?

Anonymous said...

Bai's father presented a wale's tooth to Ratu Mara so that he could be Commander. Bai doesn't have the mental capacity to honestly work hard and rise up the ranks.