Jan 23, 2013

Trauma in paradise - a letter from a reader

Dear Bubu 
Mention 'Fiji" to an average Australian or New Zealander or world traveller  if you please, and you can pretty much guarantee the  response: "Lovely place", "wonderful friendly people", "had a great holiday there", "know all about Fiji, Denarau, resorts, BlueLagoon..."   
But how my heart aches that so many are blissfully unaware  and uninformed of the sorry state of my Island nation.         
It used to be a paradise...   Then 2006 Coup and the rot set in.
Under the cunningly devised cosmetic mask and veneer of slick tourism marketing and advertising and stark propaganda, there is the other  real dimension.  
Please God that many of our friends and fellow travellers on the road will have their eyes opened,  understand our dire situation,  and raise protests wherever they can, on our behalf.
My lovely Island Nation is degraded , enslaved, disenfranchised and engulfed in  seemingly hopeless  future tyranny.  We are collapsing under the oppressive intimidating rule of a corrupt military & judicial dictatorship.
Restrictions  of censorship and illegal decrees,  and the lies of propaganda are the everyday tools to keep power in the hands of the unelected few.
Our people are really suffering  the effects of lack of investor confidence - employment scarcity - low wages - falling value of currency - poor health services - escalating costs of education, transport,  fuel  and  food.  All these contributing to the hardships now inexorably spreading like contagion over the populace.                                                        
Of course it is obvious that the exceptions are those who have cast their lots in with the bullies on board the regime pirate ship , with captains Bainimarama & Khaiyum , the chief terrorists, holding the country to ransom.
Sounds far - fetched?   Like a nightmare?   Alas it is only too true!
NZ parliament
Recently, in Wellington NZ, I was able to spend a little time on a tour of the Parliament  & Government Buildings... I was fascinated and enjoying every minute.

Then we were ushered into the  carpeted  Parliament Debating Chamber. 
Like a bolt of extreme pain , I was struck with a clear and sudden appreciation of the value of the democratic process , and an enormous wave of sorrow at  Fiji's loss. 
Fiji Parliament
Our desperate sad situation  is that our freedoms & justice , liberty & rights have been stolen away.     
Suddenly I appreciated with great emotion, just how precious these things are, and mourned their loss with unexpected tears... those tears remain with me  not far from the surface..
Fiji, my beloved country is being plundered and terrorised.
Can anyone hear?       Can anyone help?    

Writer's name withheld by Bubu


Duadua said...

Sa Dina!

Anonymous said...

There was never any democracy or real equality, in this God forsaken Cannibal Islands. It was the Chiefs, The Upper Cla$$ of both races, the middle class of both races, & then the "hand to mouth" wage earners of both races, the oppressed but fun loving Kaiviti villagers and finally the really poor KaiJia.
What imaginery democracy are you bloggers loathing for!! We (Fiji) are what we are today because
1)our ignorant chiefs of yesteryears swallowed every bit of garbage our colonialist fed them.
2)Since men arrived in these islands, those in leadership roles had been forcibly removed at all levels of the i Taukei society. It is in our (i Taukei) blood to envy and kill our leaders. It is irreversible, my friends. Just hope for the best and pray to your God what or whomever you conceive him/her/it to be, that things will be better in the next life. Unless you have bigger gunpower to get rid of this military junta. If not, go and plant some cassava, bele, cane, rice etc. Please bear in mind; This traditional(Vunivalu) type of leadership will continue until the Great YAHUWAH sets HIS everlasting Kingdom here on earth.

Discombobulated Bubu said...

Luvequ thank you for your comments.

You are what you believe, and I hope your YUYAWA can make you feel better about life and your pain.