Mar 10, 2007

Leading and Managing a Nation is a special responsibility

Like leading a family, a nation's leaders' must combine leadership and management of their charges with strength of character, wisdom, nourishment, protection, empowerment, and a consistency of support & discipline which earns them trust, respect and credibility and which creates a sense of belonging and identity.

The current crop of so-called leaders and mostly men, are illegally at the head of our nation and our families. They are supposedly god-fearing and family men or at least that is the picture they are trying to portray.

Well here is the quiz for today - can anyone tell me which one of the current male leaders in cabinet have never committed adultery or had multiple extra-marital affairs?

Oh and include the entire crop of the top echelon of the men in green too.

People - you will be VERY hard pressed to say !

So much for transparency, honesty and godliness !

Bill Clinton, interviewed on "60 Minutes" about his new book My Life, was asked by Dan Rather why he cheated with Monica Lewinsky. He responded, "Because I could."

For many of these men, the reasons for infidelity don't go much deeper than that. They can-so they do. And they have no morals, religious beliefs, or sense of commitment to stop them .

If these guys really want to earn the nation's respect, then they have to start from within themselves and their own families, use the sasa broom to spank themselves before they begin spanking the nation.

Trust and respect must be earned and judging from the way these guys are living with their own untruths in their own lives, how can we possibly trust them to lead the nation ?

If they can't tell the truth and we see them living their lies on an every day basis how can we possibly trust them to lead us as a family ?

No, sorry I'm afraid they are all losers on this score.

And mark my words, something tells me they will all continue to lose points going forward.

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Anonymous said...

Amen! Keep on blogging!