Mar 11, 2007

Sunday musings with a kapa draunimoli

Well the day has been spent with the makubuna, the papers and endless cups of draunimoli and talanoa with a great group of friends who contribute to our daily group feeling of being discombobulated about our beloved nation. 

We note the 'multi-national' girls (Ulamila Wragg etc) as we call them, are penning letters to the Fiji Times again - good on you girls - you have hit things very squarely on the head. The nation is not a nation of fools and it doesn't help that he thinks we can all be fooled. We all know Voreqe's so called "clean-up" campaign is one of personal vendetta against all those he perceives to have it against him. The latest FNPF 'leak" truly is remarkable as our multi-national girls have said. Say if it is all true, were the board and more importantly the FNPF auditors on holidays ALL THIS TIME ? Suddenly we have EXPOSURE - woopeedoo ! We need to see these accusations before the courts facing due process ; not a trial and judgement by what the green goblins feed to the media.

I have developed stomach ulcers (which is why the draunimoli) listening to Sitiveni Raturala - dear me - what a load of BS - at least we know the green goblins studied their history lessons in school studying Mao and Hitler and how they worked their propoganda machinery. I feel for the oldies in the koro - you can hear them now can't you ? Oi... isa, sa dina .... eh... sa ! Sa dina ... sa donu.... mmmm.

Thats what you get people when the army sits on their backside twiddling their thumbs all this time - time to dream up conspiracy theories and to develop persecution complexes. What happened to the days when they were out and about helping re-build villages and roads and bridges ? Being useful ! I repeat - BEING USEFUL !

And thats another thing, the papers are reporting a "state" visit to the outer Lauan islands to be undertaken by various illegal ministers - excuse me but I object

When flood victims are crying out for help, when roads and water infrastructure is falling down around our ears, and when people are being sent home with no pay because there are no customers and tourists, coup idiots go trooping around the country lording it over the peasantry.

HOW DARE YOU go wasting our country's precious resources lording it around the islands on your bloody PROPOGANDA exercise ! Thats all these visits are ! Does anybody else feel as strongly ?! Excuse me while I have a heart attack !


Anonymous said...

i protest strongly to my tax dollars being used without my consent. i will however not complain (too much) after a proper elections have been staged ... and a democractically elected govt put in place.
in the meantime, any money this regime uses to spread their 'gospel' is just plain thievery.
i call on other citizens of this country to stand up and say no to the theft of their hard earned tax dollars!

Discombobulated Bubu said...

Amen to you - vinaka - so how do we stop these guys from thieving from us the taxpayers ?

Anonymous said...

we give them a BIG kick on each of their backsides....LOL.... The only thing we can do is invite more people to view and take part on this blog and let not only Fiji but the whole world know how these green goblins are spoiling our country and wasting our money....

Anonymous said...

These hoodlums loves to spend other people's money and now they have access to our money(tax), now they can do whatever they like and to me it's daylight robbery.