Mar 23, 2007

Saving Fiji

Bainimarama has a Saviour Complex ! He had a dream of a UTOPIAN society in the 2 cells that make up his brain.

A cava beka na Saviour Complex ?

It may actually be a little known medical disorder made up of the strong feeling that it's YOUR responsibility to TRY to save the world. Perhaps not the entire world, but at least your little corner of it but it is YOUR mission that YOU must SAVE the people.

In normal situations assisting others is admirable, when it gets to the point of complex, results can get very unpredictable - mainly because one person has ABSOLUTELY NO CONTROL over what anyone else does or thinks (unless you are in an enslaved and brainwashed vegetative state) .

And just like in a relationship with our partners or children, we can't "change" anyone. We can only gently provide clues and nudge them along to looking at other ways of thinking, other choices, alternative points of view, and other ways of doing things etc. This also means you have to void oneself of credit under all circumstances.

If people do well in this process , this is great but the credit belongs to them and them alone. . If they make a wrong choice they are ultimately the ones responsible for their own actions. All we can do is provide help & guidance: the rest is entirely up to them.

Ultimately, people with Saviour Complexes fail to save the world because saving the world is unrealistic.

I am sure that the GOD the KoManDa worships does not declare control over good or bad, or even people for that matter. The Ko Man Da's God provides guidance, but ultimately holds you responsible for what you do. The Ko Man Da's God says to us that our paths are our choices and so are the consequences of that path. In otherwords, if even the Ko Man Da's Almighty GOD cannot control evil in "the world" - how can he - a piffling transient mortal - expect to have this control?

Perhaps he really believes that God has mandated him to save the world (woilei ! ) but look at all the prophets and self- annointed-ones that we've already had, and yet the world is still in such a state. And he expects that he is to save us single-handely? I do not presume to speak for God, but I suspect that his expectations are higher than God's. Does he really think he was supposed to succeed? Or merely to try and help?

The problem is that things are getting complex

Bloodymindedly the Ko Man Da fails to realize he was utterly mistaken. The reason he cannot seem to find the way forward, is that he has taken one step too many in the wrong direction.

Why attempt to save Fiji if he couldn’t even save himself? Sorry - must amend that - he HAS tried to save HIMSELF as well by pushing through illegal presidential decrees - which will not hold up in a proper court of law when civilian government returns !

One of the complexities of this situation is that the Ko Man Da is finding out that our nation is made up of individuals who choose to interact freely with other individuals - families, teams, other vanua/mataqali/tokatoka, labor unions, social units, churches etc, and all these people want to make their own minds up.

Society is not swallowing the Army's propoganda en mass (surprise surprise) .

If we the people do not want what the army is telling them to want, then why the hell should the green goons spend MY resources and money as a taxpayer on trying to FORCE me to share their ideals?

Put another way - Major aah-Leweni is aah-fond of aah - saying that people are entitled to their own opinion, so , why does he go on and on for hours trying to convince us, that his and his Commander's view is right?

Mr Drummer Leweni would do well to read this : 

there is no reason to work day and night to "liberate" people you don’t know, never will know, and who sincerely do not appreciate or desire what you are trying to "do" for them.

Get aaahhh life !

Obviously, these guys do not understood what they so eagerly preach to others.

One man cannot force his ideas about what he thought was right and wrong on others - forcing your ideas on people would be subjecting them to your will and we understand that is what he wants to do . But so far we have failed to see substantive evidence of "corruption" in government which was the initial excuse for this coup. Instead we see much interference with military goons snatching at gossip and innuendo and allegations and trial and 'convictions' by media and hearsay. If things were so bad, why didn't they report them to the Police who have the means and the legal right to investigate things.

We have been governed independently since we were granted our sovereignty, and corrupt officials have existed since that time and well before that through history.

Corrupt people will always exist - you cannot stamp out corruption just like that - there will always be opportunists throughout time. The Ko Man Da cannot blame the country's ills solely on the last government - in fact there was so much more growth and healing from the evils of the coups that went before in the last administration than ever before.

And we as a nation must say NO MORE now as each coup stunts our growth and regresses our development about 10 years each time . We are beginning to resemble a bonsai tree. This coup cancer takes away from us our vibrancy, resolve and our will. We must rise up and kill this cancer now for the benefit of our sanity and our children's education in what is right, wrong, normal and abnormal.

Call to action

Tell me why if the beast that is ruling us kills our children, chucks us in a cell just because, burns our houses down, terrorizes our loved ones, forcefully tries to change our behavior and thoughts , slashes our pay but doesn't cut others, cuts people down because they are just smart or disliked by his men, and promotes others because they are yes men etc etc; is it reasonable that we (that are affected) would wish to bring the beast down ?

Answer : Yes.

To secure my freedom and future, my rights, and my children and grandchildren's rights, it is reasonable that I protest?

Answer : Yes

If the only way I can do this is by striking - by making sure the beast cannot march relentlessly against us anymore - by not going to work, and by inspiring others to do the same , we could eventually bring the beast to its knees.

It is not so much the pay cuts we will protest, it is that we are saying why should we suffer each time some goon pokes a gun at us - each coup we have had, we were the ones to suffer.

Now we see the beast is differentiating between classes of workers - FIRCA workers and judges and cabinet ministers won't get pay cuts - what makes them more special than you or me ? Divide and rule ay ? Stop this now - we must combine and wrench our rights back - or you know what - we will all think this is "normal" in a few weeks time. Lets unite and say no more !

What say you people? I want to see how the "saviour" will force 20,000 of the nation out of our homes if we choose to remain at home with a "sick note". Lets all get a fever next week ! (If you need help getting up a fever just think of those green goons wasting our national time and productivity , touring the countryside in rentals, cruising the high seas on propoganda trips to the islands, drinking and eating up our taxpayer dollars in the army mess, wasting our resources battling civilian suits in court, appointing more and more kangaroo courts to "investigate" people they dislike, and Mr Chaudary spending our money on his HUGE overseas trip allocation - where to pray ? - for our benefit ? doubt it)

Ameni ! Draunimoli to the rescue !


Anonymous said...

This is one of the many psychological problems with Ko Mai Da Frankenstein and his cronies. They have very little appreciation of the fact that other people may have different perspectives, opinions and views to theirs. This is partly a military thing, since unity of purpose and mind are such prized elements of battlefield "success" there. But as we have seen before with Rabuka, military "mores" don't often translate well into the civilian arena. (Remember Rambo's penchant for springing surprises like Cabinet reshuffles? So whilst the element of surprise is great for confusing your enemies, in a government setting, it will also unsettle your friends - ie the investor community!) So anyway Frank's inability to discern between civilian and military principles has seen him become confused over the proper definition of democracy. Normally it means everyone's equal right to his own opinion. But these days in Fiji it means everyone's equal right to his (ie Frank's) own opinion.

Anonymous said...

Oilei give me some of that Draunimoli you're drinking, just get sore throat, sore eyes, sore head from listening to this illegal regime.

Their puppet in the labour ministry has said that there will be 28 days of dialogue between the unions and the regime. 28 days of the regime telling the unions that they have to go with the flow or else. 28 days of intimidating the union members, union leaders and attempting to divide the unions by striking at their weakest links - their families. This regime has already killed two people and beaten up many more! Do you think the rest of us are not going to receive the same treatment.

I say Stand Up people, STAND UP for your RIGHTS, YOUR FAMILIES and YOUR FUTURE!!!

Anonymous said...

When the saviour/rescuer complex becomes acute its sometimes simply called arrogance. It's especially dangerous when one has guns.

Anonymous said...

Bubu and makubunas, check out my blog on for breaking news on waz up with these illegal gang.

Anonymous said...

Wedge Antilles - truesup ! We used to have a saying when Rabuka used to go on one of his cabinet shake-ups - what do you get when you shake a can of worms? Oilei - DIZZY WORMS of course!