Apr 26, 2007

Another Reason To Protest on May 1st 2007

How quickly the Military Regime move to prosecute their own men in Labasa for the mere offence of daring to speak out against their commander.

How slow the Military Regime are to prosecute their own men for murdering Rabaka 4 months ago.

How slow has the Fiji Human Rights Commission moved to "investigate" this. With their Director's support of this Military Regime and their impartiality in question, can we trust FHRC anymore ?

Our Human Rights are in jeopardy in Fiji.

Another reason to protest against this Dictatorship on May 1st.


Anonymous said...

Isa Lei is this really the face of the young boy Rabaka? So sad. What is happening to these people that killed him at the army camp?

Discombobulated Bubu said...

Yes my dear, this is the face of Sakiusa Rabaka dearly departed. Rest in Peace my son while we wait for answers from the Military and from the Human Rights people

Anonymous said...

I just looked at TV1 news on the net.

One story was about that some people had noticed a large number of cars outside Bananasinpyjamas' house this morning.

I was amused with the spin that the green goons told the reporters; it was Bananasinpyjamas birthday.

So all the senior military officers came to have a piece of cake at 6 in the morning and sing Happy Birthday.

Pull the other leg; it plays Jingle Bells.

A few blog sites have different reasons for the gathering.

Anonymous said...

He will never be forgotten and is forever etched in our minds..May God grant his family peace during these dark times..

Anonymous said...

To think that the military were quick to dish out charges against those officers in the North for their 'insubordination', whilst dragging Sakiusa Rabaka's murder investigation on for as long as possible - 4 months now going on 5. NO RESULTS YET!

The 'chief' of the Police Force (Farce) goes public in his uniform updating us with useless information regarding the 'ongoing' investigations - BUT RESULTS IS WHAT THE FAMILY WANTS!!!

Is this murder investigation going to end up the same way the PROOF of Government corruption?

Anonymous said...

Well congratulations, you made the news - Fiji TV.

Lewenski looked the fool when he started with "well we're following them..." then "but we're not going to give them credibility by following them..."

Lewenski man. You can't even edit your own PDFs in the RFMF web site to get the correct spellings.!

Call in Sick on May 1st people.

Anonymous said...

hey guess what, May 1st has come and gone, apparently everyone came to work in full force...mate, I guess it didn't work...u should try hunger strike on May 4....hmmm or what about no clothes protest on May 5th hmmmm ...how dumb can u be, if you're gonna protest use your head....sa sega tu mada nai lavo and u ask people to stay home...pliz come up with a march or something...I'll be first to sign up...something that the world will see and take note

Discombobulated Bubu said...

Everything you believe in that you think is precious to you takes a leap of faith. As a people we go to church every Sunday and say isa God is good, he will provide, he will find a way. Well you obviously did not take this leap of faith because you did not think that yours and your childrens civil liberties and your rights are precious enough. Thats fine - you are entitled to what you believe in. We made a commitment to May 1st because we believe that we must protest the rape of what is precious to us. We stayed at home and so did a large number of individuals which included civil servants. If you believe the propoganda that spews forth from the mouth of this demon that is the IG, then you will believe anything.

Congratulations to those of you that stayed at home for believing in the courage of your convictions and for taking that leap of faith and that small step against the bully gun.

Anonymous said...

To anonymous no. 4. You're talking about Fiji, right? Marching in Fiji? During this time? Are you living in Mars? Aren't you aware of the Emergency Decree? May 1st was the form of protest most suited to the disgusting situation we find ourselves in. We love our food so we are not going to deprive ourselves of that for this IG except when we fast and pray against it. We are also not into indecency...Euuu no clothes?
As for 'sa sega tu mada nai lavo', they should have considered that b4 they did Dec 5. We understand why some people could not stay at home and there is no ill-feeling. They substituted their own form of protest. To those of us who did stay home, we feel satisfied because we know Someone up there has seen us made a stand. Remember the old Chinese proverb.."A journey of a thousand miles begins with one small (insignificant) step".

Anonymous said...

Fact 1: Rabaka was apprehended for a drug case: Police have proof.
Fact 2: Rabaka died after operations at the hospital 21 days after he was taken by the Army. Medical Report proof.
Fact 3: He was alive and well when he was dropped back home. Proof with the Police and his mums statements.
Fact 4: He died becos the stitch on his head reopened becos he did not heed the doctor's advise to rest and his mother and father did not ensure that he did.Proof statements by their neighbours ( He was fooling around with friends smoking marijuana again when he fell and banged his head).

Summary: Rabaka died due to the negligence of his Parents for not carrying out their responsibilities. The Case is not strong enough to get a conviction and that is why it was taking so long. The DPP are just following up procedures to satisfy a portion of the Publics call for justice. Where is the justice for the soldiers who were trying their best to crackdown on crackpots!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh dear - Oct 31 9.07 pm - check this out ! A military goon trying to justify the actions of a group of thugs beating up on a fellow human being . Nothing in this world justifies what this group of soildiers did .... if you were smoking pot or your crime was cooking a pot of dog curry, what kind of person :
a) orders others to kick, beat and punch someone to within an inch of their life
b) can carry out this sort of action on another person - especially one who did not have a gun - whose only weapon was perhaps a cheeky tongue ?

Get a life you goon ! Don't think for one minute that anyone is going to believe that was his own fault that he died.

May God himself strike you dead for being so inhumane , cruel and heartless !