Apr 23, 2007

Protest against the Fiji Junta and it's Gestapo Unit


1) The Fiji Passport Office Deception

So we the public of Fiji are told that they have issued 6500 passports already this year (people getting outta'here - wonder why ? ) and theres a shortage and new supplies coming in June - last we heard they were coming in April , next thing they will be telling us they are coming in December. So my theory is we are witnessing the first step of a gestapo like era . The Military is deliberately holding people back from leaving the country - for whatever reason (holidays, medical, etc) .

Yes people think about that - a prisoner in your own country !

2) The new "Independent Commission against Corruption" Unit (aka Gestapo):

Believe it people, this is the mother of all deceptions , the most dangerous all-encompassing threat to our civil liberties. This is the news item which appeared on the Radio NZ website a couple of days ago with the heading :

(Draconian Powers according to lawyers)

Fiji's president has issued a decree setting up the country's first Independent Commission against Corruption, with punitive penalties for those found guilty.
Fiji TV reports the commission will have powers to investigate and prosecute corruption and bribery allegations in any public entity and arrest suspects without a warrant. The decree describes a wide range of offences designed to influence the conduct or decisions of
civil servants.. The legislation will also make it an offence for public servants to have a lifestyle or property which is disproportionate to their known income. The decree provides for fines, jail terms and the confiscation of property of those found guilty.


So will we be seeing black, form-fitting uniform jackets, complete with epaulets; black breeches tucked into jack-boots polished to such perfection that they will gleam in the sun down Victoria Parade, interrogation caps so glossy, they will shine in the dark at the back of Birdcage?

Or will this outfit take on a more sinister corporate look ?

Oh, yes, these people will quite rightfully be feared because they can do you in at ANY time ! Because they operate within their own law.

Like in Nazi Germany this decree will expect neighbours to turn in to the authorities anyone even remotely suspected of in some way subverting the government or even throwing a BBQ or lovo in the back yard because you may not be deemed to be able to afford to do this ! Remind me not to wear my $2 Bling earring next time I venture out to Suva Market - I could be mistaken for living above my means as they do look like diamonds - woilei !

Neither a suspicion nor an informant will be too small. Mark my words the children will be next - our children will be encouraged and expected to turn in family members – including parents – if they are overheard speaking disrespectfully or seditiously of the army or any members of his administration. Kids will be trained and propagandized to simply put the "safety" of their great country over the "liberty" of their families.

When someone is turned in, the Fiji Gestapo will show up
to do the honors. No warrant will be needed. Time of day or night will be irrelevant. Folks will simply get hauled away (still happening today - everyday - and not reported in mainstream media) , and, once taken away, some will never return (remember Rabaka and Nimilote ? ). If they break a law they will get illegal AG to look up the internet and find another law from any country he fancies to make it all legal.

This Corruption Gestapo interrogation Unit's methods will be simple: Torture us till we talk, even if it what they want to hear. They can fabricate evidence against us and no one will be the wiser since we will be in a kangaroo court - judge, jury all in one . Who needs the judiciary anymore ? Forget about our previously enshrined right to be regarded as innocent until proven otherwise in a court of law.

So people before I have a heart attack, I wanted you to think about this.

If you are unhappy about what is happening to our beloved Fiji, stay at home on May 1st in protest - join the ranks of Gandhi, Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela who said NO peacefully. For more reasons you should stay at home on this special day, see what fellow bloggers are saying here, and here.

We cannot do much against bullies with guns but we can have our little protest to show this junta that they cannot rape our hearts and souls . God bless our nation.


Anonymous said...

My husband and I will have an itchy rash on May 1st. I will have to stay at home to look after his rash. We will also have a prayer meeting at home to remember the good works of Gandi and Mandala- amen bubu.

Anonymous said...

Vinaka o sa kila na mate na tauvi iko na 1st of May, how nice...bullshit. Please don't create problems.....

Anonymous said...

To Anon 2 you sound just like one of those bullies with the gun. If Anon 1 wants to protest this Military Regime, it is their RIGHT to do so - who are you to tell them what to do. You obviously do not care about the rest of us suffering. For us our relative was one of the ones who dies at Delainabua at the hands of Bainimaramas bullies and for your information our entire vuvale will be staying home on May 1st. We will be praying for people like you

Anonymous said...

Only the lazy will always look for a reason to stay away from work.

Anonymous said...

refer to corruption commission..before dey look at ada people and organisations, dey sud start wid demselves and specially da military...maybe ask da newly elected actin chairman/deputy komada,wot happen to da military budget..da dealin wid lotus..and da blak 4 will drive...how about da 4 40 hp yamaha.etc..dat should tikle sum nerve...afta all he wuz da head of the demobilised aux unit..wot happen to dat?..u guess!!

Anonymous said...

The newly elected deputy corruption commission should first commence with Teleni himself...me laki vuli vosa tale mada vakavavalagi as his English is just like his komanda. Like his boso Vore, Teleni can't even write proper submissions for the army and yet they have put him there as a "military puppet".Maybe his wife Mere Latu Vave Teleni wrote his aasignments for him whilst studying in Canberra...who knows only time will tell. People out there need to watch out for his cunning ways.....he is a dangerous man so watch your back!

Anonymous said...

Seti seti to the two Anons against the May 1st protest.. drau sotia- matakau macawa, mo drau lai boot-polish la baleta o ya na ka drau kila ga!

Our journey back to civilisation, democracy and peace begins with a single step and may the good lord bless our path as we begin our long walk home!

Anonymous said...

There are alot of reasons to be absent of 1st May, and workers use your rights and privleges to stay away. Be sick, nurse the sick, take leave what ever.... just stay away, if you cant, be physically present but productively absent, hows that for the IG?

Anonymous said...

Fiji's freedom bloggers are winning every time they strike a blow for the restoration of democracy and human rights in Fiji.

You have friends everywhere! One of them is "Patriot Abroad".

Look what she has done at http://youtube.com/watch?v=jpyYR_sWeXg

Alternatively, go straight to www.youtube.com and type FIJI CHILDREN in the search box.

If you like what you see....SPREAD THE WORD!!!

...And don't forget: give the video a five-star rating BEFORE you email the link to VB, Mahendra, Leweni etc ...it will just annoy them all the more!!!