Apr 9, 2007

Bubu's Tic-Tok Recipe for KoManDa

Happy Easter to all our loving families and little children in Fiji. Our thoughts go out to all our one-toks in the Solomons at this sad time. 

We have made our little family donation to the Red Cross for both our flood victims here and for those in Gizo and suggest you do the same if you can. Bubu was making Easter eggs using her Easter Egg allowance for the makabuna on Sunday and decided to regurgitate one of her favorite recipes . This recipe is bestowed on KoManDa and as you will see is excellent for his arteries .

Creme Bru-bailee-rama-mama

Okay, KoManDa, we know it’s not easy to eat dangerously these days. There is always someone telling you that you have to eat a balanced and healthy diet, whether it’s your doctor, wife, mother, or other form of interference. 

Block it out! I mean Blog it out ! Tell yourself that the undue stress caused by trying to be healthy all the time will end up giving you a heart attack! This dish is so delish you can literally feel it clogging your arteries.

Don't worry though, you've got tons of arteries that overseas doctors esp in Aussie and NZ will never see. .. haha ... ahem ... but its true. You can quote us on that.

3000 territorial egg yolks
1 pint of fresh heavy Nepotism-cream
19 Cabinet Crackers
2 teaspoons of Meme vanilla extract
1 tablespoon of Chaudary sugar
More Regimental sugar funded cubes

Mash the egg yolks through a strainer in order to break them up properly . Remind these yolks that they owe you their lives. Add the heavy cream, the vanilla extract and the tablespoon of sugar. Cook the mixture in a double boiler (for 3 years) mixing constantly when you think of it , by decree until it thickens. Use the presidential yardstick for a determination of required thickness.

Bully the thick mixture out into individual side arms and give them place names like Shyster, Possi, Jimbo, Feely, Urawi, Dri, Gani and Uluwiweni and put them in the refrigerator until the mixture becomes firmer (like purini).

Prick them with toothpicks every now and again to let air out if they puff up too much-like Driti. Remove from the refrigerator one at a time and sprinkle generously with white sugar until the surface of the cream is completely covered and completely mesmerised. Now the fun begins.

To keep theses dishes in line, take out your blow torch (what do you mean you don’t have a blow torch? How did you used to light your ganja cigarettes when you were younger? With a match? A lighter? God, how boring… or use your breath - that would work ! ) 

The practicality and versatility of the blow torch cannot be fully appreciated until you own one. Drive to the nearest tool shop and get one. Use your transport and blow-hole allowance! Stand in front of the mirror and practise for the world press.

If you want to just remain boring and ignorant of the joys of the blow torch, you may high broil the individual dishes until the desired effect is achieved, but don’t blame us if your Créme Brulée rama-mama is all soppy.

Anyway, as you were. take your blow torch, pop it on and regulate air intake for a green flame. Apply the flame to the sugar coated side dishes until they crystallize and are slightly browned-up. Leave aside in their happy state until such time as the peasants arrive in their numbers to serve them all up in humble pie.

Serves 3 of the heirarchy (but may be eaten by only one rapacious pig).

Now using my friendship allowance, I will call up a couple of friends - in the mix should be a politician, a banker, a spy, and a media mogul I think. With a sprig of coboi behind the ear, we will calm down, and enjoy this dish over a nice, old-fashioned discussion about how to take over the world.


Anonymous said...

The KoManDa's arteries are clogging up daily with his own cholesterol aka bad advisors and other idiots. We have a national form of atherosclerosis don't we ?! It needs to explode soon somehow and rid us all of our misery !

Anonymous said...

LOL @ Anon1.