May 16, 2007

Bullies of innocent Fijians


Anonymous said...

As members of the force that is supposed to provide security for Fiji, these 5 men are the most insecure people right now...they see anything and everything as a security threat to themselves. They counter these thru their bullying. The kind of things that come out of their mouth everytime they talk to the media only goes to prove that their age is fast overtaking their IQ.

Anonymous said...

5 months on and what have these idiots achieved? Let me outline them for you.

1. The destruction of the legal system in Fiji.

2. The destruction of the tourist industry in Fiji.

3. The imminent collapse of Air Pacific. Jumbo jets parked at airfields are not a healthy sign; maybe Emmirates might like to buy it at a bargain price.

4. Nurse leaving the Fiji by the dozens to seek employment in Australia or NZ.

5. Fijian press censored in what they can publish.

6. 300 million Euros which should have been flowing into Fiji, now on indefinte hold. The consistent bashing of citizens is not helping Fiji.

7. Tourists (like myself) staying away in droves. Vila is my holiday destination in a few weeks time thanks to coup coup Frank.

8. An economy that is heading towards disaster.

9. Investors leaving Fiji faster than a mozzie in the Mortein factory.

10 . Corruption and nepotism as a way of life.

11. Warner Brothers making a new Looniney Tunes movie staring the idiot himself. All they need to do is join all his TV appearances together and with all his stupid aaahhaaahhaas and rolling of his drug suffering eyes, they will have audiences around the world rolling in the aisles.

12. The respect for the Fiji millitary has now zeroed out.

13.. The world can see that the foolish boy as illegal AG has now hit rock bottom and has now started to dig.

14. The illegal finance illegal minister is upset because someone stole both his books on economics; including the one he hasn't finished colouring in.

The list could go on up into the hundreds.

The idea of this committee of hundreds is a joke. Why? Because bananainpyjamas will stack it with his supporters. They will be an unrepresentative rabble. It is an insult to the people of Fiji that this mob would want to take over the Parliament of Fiji.

Fiji, you are in my prayers as you go through the backward steps taken by these goons. ( The real Goons would turn in their graves to be compared to this lot of pussies! )

Anonymous said...

O cei beka na noda Mosese, se noda Mandela, se noda Ghandi nai taukei me kauti keda tani mai na veivakasaurarataki oqo?

Anonymous said...

These 5 bullies are complimented by the fools in the IG, Ganilau, Khaiyum and Chaudary. Together they seem to be taking Fiji to rock bottom and don't really seem to care about anyone else while they're doing it. Who will stand up to these idiots? Are the blogs our only way for our voices to be heard? Fiji Times is starting to open up and a few NGO's but the rest are silent as mice. Has the bullying really succeeded in silencing the majority who voted in the last government?

Anonymous said...

Ladies & Gentlemen,

I have the displeasure of introducing the infamous five stoogies, aka as the "Ulukau Squad" as we citizens of Fiji call them .. and they are from L-R: Ini, Mini, Maini, Mo and Cebo mai valenipo, who is to your far right.

Anonymous said...

hey can you have one where all dem guys in da pic plus chaudary are drinking milk from da cow except FB- he'd be da cow!!!! lol!