May 17, 2007

Turning the Internet Off and shutting the Bloggers down

Here is something that will make Leweni, Driti and others in Fiji's ruling Dicktatorship who want to shut us down VERY HAPPY. I have discovered you can actually shut the internet down. Its is very easy. Just press this button - go ahead I dare you !:


Anonymous said...

Clever Bu! Nice after lunch laugh for me, hehehe!


Anonymous said...

This is maaajjaaaahh Looonoonie speaaaking.

Could you help me a bit.

I ahhhh managed to ahh press the aahhh what we would aahhh call a aaahhh button.

I aahh sat here for aaahhh 30 aahhh minutes and nothing aaahhh happened.

What aaahhh am I aahhhh doing aaahhhh wrong?

Anonymous said...

lol thats a good one!!!

Anonymous said...

I first saw it this morning and was cracking up so much!

Thanks Bubu

Anonymous said...

Check out the new resistfrankscoup webpage:

Anonymous said...

Why Fiji is Crying
Just another weblog
May 17th, 2007 by whyfijiscrying
Bula all, especially to you the fans and bloggers of our sister blog, Resist Frank’s Coup!

We know many were disappointed when your RFC blogsite suddenly disappeared from your screen.

We also know the junta was elated by the sudden black-out but guess what, we closed it down ourselves to gauge how the junta, our loyal bloggers, our opposition and others would react.

It was also our way of protesting the inhumane treatment of the innocent Fiji citizens who were recently hauled to the camp by the military with no proof whatsoever of their being authors of the resistance blogs.

May we reiterate. We do not live in Fiji but we have a huge network in Fiji who act as our eyes and ears on the ground. It is too dangerous to manage our blogs from Fiji, therefore, we will continue to dispatch our daily breaking news and opinions from our offshore bases.

We act for the many suppressed Fiji citizens who can’t voice their disappointment on what’s happened pre and post 5/12.

During our self-inflicted block out session, we deployed our agents to assess peoples’ reaction and opinion on the shutting down of RFC.

It was obvious from our findings and the many emails we received on that RFC was popular and appreciated by the indigenous Fijian community in Fiji and overseas.

We all agreed that failing to understand how the native Fijians think and feel, coupled with the forceful seizure of their freedom to express themselves freely about their own country’s state of affairs is a recipe for more coup, violence, chaos and disorder for all residents of Fiji. This is the messy reality we all wish to avoid.

We also believe it is wrong to assume that the indigenous Fijian wishes is truely represented by the junta. Suffice to say that we are NOT huge fans of the ousted SDL party and their many controversial policies but the fact still remain that the democratically elected indigenous Fijian government was usurped and now replaced by what has become the Fiji Labor Party and National Alliance Party illegal interim government.

“Why Fiji is Crying” blog is therefore dedicated to the silent under-resourced majority indigenous Fijians and their distant relatives like us who believe that the junta must let the people be the judge, by taking them back to election as soon as practicable.

Fiji is crying, which means that the Bula spirit is crying too.

So to you, Frank’s Coup Clux Clan, Fiji and the indigenous Fijians are crying.

Listen to their cries for another coup is looming if you don’t embrace and console them now!

Anonymous said...

Smart man!