May 21, 2007

Bainimarama Regime's claims to uphold the Constitution , the Rule of Law and protect Fijis's Citizens is a Lie

The Fiji Times 21 May 2007 highlights the following story :

Mother gives up hope of justice

THE mother of a 19-year-old student who died from injuries allegedly sustained during an assault by soldiers believes the perpetrators will walk free.
Alanieta Rabaka said the delay in bringing those allegedly involved to court, three months after the death of her son Sakiusa Ligaiviu Rabaka on February 24, will eventually lead to the matter being "swept under the carpet".

On January 28, Sakiusa of Votualevu in Nadi and two other youths were alleged to have been picked up by seven soldiers and a police officer on suspicion of drug offences.

It is alleged they were taken to the Black Rock Reservoir in Votualevu and beaten up before being dropped at home a few hours later.
Sakiusa was later admitted at the Nadi, Lautoka and Colonial War Memorial Hospital before being discharged on February 20. Four days after undergoing head surgery at the CWM Hospital, he collapsed at his home and was rushed to hospital but died about a half an hour later.

Mrs Rabaka said the delay in bringing those responsible to justice was an indication of the unwillingness of the director of public prosecution and police to prosecute them.
She said it would be three months on Thursday since her son died and none of those responsible for the alleged assault were yet to appear in court.

Mrs Rabaka said she could not understand why it had taken so long especially since those involved in other crimes including murder since then had either appeared in court or been jailed.
She said just last week, two police officers visited the area asking for the other two youths who were with Sakiusa at the time of the alleged assault.

She said the officers said they needed to interview the youths again.
"We cannot understand why they are still being interviewed especially after they were interviewed so many times after the incident," Mrs Rabaka said. On Friday, Assistant Superintendent Ulaiasi Ravula said police would send the file on Sakiusa's death to the Director of Public Prosecutions Office this week.

So Bubu asks when are these murderers going to be brought to justice and why are these files going round and round - we the people know exactly it is only to delay prosecution , so why are the green goons lying to us? Where is the transparency? This regime has no intention of respecting the people's rights or feelings. In fact I will put my last dollar on the bet that at the end of the day, they are going to give these soldiers immunity under the "presidential decree". Which of course makes a mockery of us, our judicial system, law and order and makes the President guilty of condoning murder. Think about that today !


Anonymous said...

This is indeed a cover-up by a corrupt, illegal junta.

The editorial in today's paper outines 2 reasons why the tourism industry in Fiji is suffering. They missed the most important point why tourists (like myself) are staying away in droves; the lack of law and order in Fiji.

If, after 3 months, the police can't bring known suspects before a court for murder charges, what chance would a tourist have of seeking redress of a crime committed against them during a 2 week holiday?

The fijian army (assisted by those holding illegal positions in the judicary) is the main cause of the downturn in tourism.

Can someone in Fiji please pass these comments on to Air Pacific as they relate to their problems with downgrading their services.

Anonymous said...

It's been so long now, but I seem to remember a Junta apologist publicly saying the file had already been sent to Prosecutions.
Have they tripped themselves up with another lie, or is it that there have just been so many lies its hard to keep track? It is after all one of their tactics - i.e. for one department to blame another.
Perhaps VB could answer the question - he's so in control of this bugger's muddle

Discombobulated Bubu said...

To be a good liar, you need to have a good memory - looks like the memory's been on the blink for a while - and in control? I don't think so - like a helicopter pilot spiraling out of control .. the bang won't be pretty !

Anonymous said...

educated people will lift up the justice, uneducated people will not, like bainivuaka and his cronies. even though if you tell them that they are wrong,it will offend them, cause thy have no integrity as they are the one produce instability ,incite and threat of peace and harmony to the nation.and downfall of economy and they will not care cos they are uneducated.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if this was the story that resulted in a well-known journalist being reportedly "roughed up" at Delainabua the same day Ted Young was taken up?