May 22, 2007

5 months Scorecard on Dicktatorship Rule in Fiji

A] Fijian Taxpayer's Dollars continue to be abused by the Military Ignoramuses that rule Fiji

Fiji Village (May 18)
reports that Chaudary says our nation cannot afford to maintain salaries and that the country's finances are in a bad state and the government just cannot afford to give any pay increments and maintain salaries at pre December 5th levels.

He says " that it is about time that the public sector union leaders wake up and realize that their civil servants' demands in relation to pay cannot be met "...... and "that civil servants just have to accept reality and stop threats of strike action."

And he has the audacity to blame the previous government for what he and his illegal cronies have done to this country. Fiji was doing very nicely thank you under the previous elected government warts and all. People were excited about Fiji and investing here then.

Well dear man Chundery, you should have thought of us the peasant workers before backed this futile coup , before you traipsed off the India with all your hangers on. You should have thought about this before you spent approx. 250,000 of our tax dollars hosting the ACP meeting; sending Mr Sukanaivalu to France for the UNESCO meeting; sending Chand and Bune to the USA and having "cabinet" approving a union delegation, petty officials and Bernie's trip to an ILO meeting. Not to mention all the new vehicles for the boys in green, the on-going never-ending fees for Ului's rental cars, sending him to India (what for pray?) the unecessary ego-boosting "army exercises" round Suva, our tax dollars to hire the very expensive IT fees for the hackers looking for the bloggers, the endless round of bullshit meetings that we the taxpayers are paying for. And pray tell why Ganilau's party to Samoa had to consist of EXTRA people ? Again the taxpayers are footing this bill without ANY SAY in how our tax dollars are being used ! How rude !

And what is the point of recalling all our foreign rep's? Is this just an exercise in pointing out who's boss ? So much expense - what is the point Chaudary? The exercise to bring home five heads of missions, two diplomats and their families at a cost of $107,000 is an expensive move (FT 16/5). Then, in the next few months a further $107,000 more or less would be spent on sending the replacements. The country cannot afford this idiocy!

So what else are the achievements of this illegal military ? A correspondent blogger contributor assists me in pointing the illegal regime's scorecard results out for us :

B] The break down of law and order and destruction of the legal system in Fiji, and the judiciary massively compromised.

Where the evidence against our proper Chief Justice? Wheres the evidence against anything? Where is the justice for Mrs Rabaka and Mrs Verebasaqa' families - still waiting after 4 months for some accountability from the soldiers that murdered their loved ones ?

Vinaka vaka levu to our Marama Bale na Roko Tui Dreketi ko Ro Teimumu Kepa, for standing up to this illegal regime and challenging them to produce the evidence and challenging them to stop her from speaking (article here). Ted Young joined the fray recently as he was taken up to have his dentals checked at QEB a few days ago when he said this, and then it was revealed, as we expected, that his rights were not respected . He indeed got punched in the chops for his efforts. Ditto Ulai and countless others before him. The world is paying closer and closer attention to all this kind of abuse like in this article .

Its not just Ted Young, or Ulai, it's the principles and values involved in what these people are doing to their own fellow countrymen and to our dear country, Fiji. And what we are showing our children and grandchildren in this kind of behaviour. As a grandparent I am extremely worried for the future value systems of our young because of what is happening in Fiji.

C] The destruction of the tourist industry in Fiji.

Tourists are staying away in droves. Some hotel industry staff have been asked to take a 50% paycut or go home. By the time you catch the bus or passing mini-van to work and back home, you've spent what you've earned that day ! We might as well stay home and plant bele. Hotels are offering 50% off rates! They may as well close down too. People are HURTING so much !

And Chowdery is looking to India to save our tourist industry - ragone, can you imagine droves of our newest imports - bula curry chutney vulagi ? Bolleywood ga o keda.

Introducing the national meke : na bollycibi ,na bollylakalaka , mekebollywesi . Happy Bollyvude.

By the way the emergency decree still in place because of a perceived security threat (made by a few bloggers without guns and a few women) still affects the tourism industry .

In the words of the Editor (F/T 21 May)
" Unfortunately the interim regime is not responding to the crisis sufficiently and appropriately as one would expect in such circumstances.

The neon light has been flashing before us for some time. The message reads: We need the tourists more than they need us. If we are serious about it, we have to take the extraordinary steps to lure them back into the country in large numbers.This is the simple message the Fiji Hoteliers Association, Tourism Action Group and the Fiji Visitors Bureau have been trying to get through to those running the show at Government Buildings.

The response so far is inadequate for their needs. In fact the message coming back from those running the show at Government Buildings is "save yourself". What it reflects is a total lack of responsibility and immaturity in managing the nation's affairs. Bad governance."

D] The imminent collapse of Air Pacific

Jumbo jets parked at airfields are not a healthy sign; maybe Pakistan or India might like to buy it at a bargain price since they are opportunistically seeking ways to get into Fiji and take us over here.

E] Nurses and other professionals leaving the Fiji

By the dozens to seek employment in Australia or NZ and the US.

F] Fijian press censored in what they can publish

The press is in the process of being neutered but some of the mainstream are doing their best to buck this trend - and good on you people! And the army spending countless number of man-hours and wasting more of our tax dollars hunting down the bloggers. Oilei, why dont they send the soldiers to go and help our flood victims plant tapioca and get their houses re-built ! Obviously military regime priorities have been VERY misplaced. They care more about their image than they do about the people of Fiji.

G] Much needed 300 million Euros which should have been flowing into Fiji, now on indefinate hold

To delay holding our elections till 2010 would put at risk millions of dollars in aid. It does put in jeopardy hundreds of millions in aid from the European Union, and puts us - Fiji's citizens in grave danger of sliding quicker into the abyss we are already sliding into.

Chaudhry's election date seriously contradicts an agreement the interim government reached with the EU in April to hold elections in less than 24 months.

The consistent bashing of citizens is not helping Fiji and the so called "roadmap".

And the green goons consistently lie to the citizens of Fiji - we who paying their wages - the world must know that they are are still taking people up the camp to be interrogated, bashed and detained illegally . Don't worry boys, we know what you are doing, and we know who you are - we are not stupid. Fiji is a small place ! And EVERYONE knows that Driti, Baini and Leweni know and condone this violence but still choose to lie about it . Everyday - SO many many LIES - tamani lasulasu.

H] The economy that is heading towards disaster.

Believe it , we are going to crash badly. The breweries closing is a very good indicator that we are heading downhill fast. We can feel the effects now. People roaming around in gangs robbing people for money and things they can sell because they are hungry and desperate. Malnutrition on the rise. Poverty very much more of a problem now. Church social welfare groups not able to cope with the cases they are seeing (so much so it even prompted the ever-changing-in-the-wind Methodist Church to come out and condemn this coup - se vuni tiko? where was your voice before ?).

The mere fact that our national saving scheme the FNPF has paid out Millions and Millions in 3 short months to people that are suffering because of wage cuts and job losses has to stagger the mind . Read it here . Unbelievable !

Personally I now have 6 extra mouths living in my house right now that I am trying to support because they cannot cope as the breadwinners have lost their jobs and cannot pay their rent and I know many other families around us who are facing the same situation. They cannot even come up with the money to catch the boat back to the koro - but they can pay $2.00 to the church soli each Sunday.
We are such huge open-hearted people but I think we have our priorities wrong right now. The Church is not showing much sign of giving back to the people especially now when they need help the most. They certainly have not been able to help my fellow villagers in their hour of need. Instead they carry on bleeding us dry every Sunday. Our community talatala is very fat and grog-doped - he is no help to us in his state of un-health.

And I would challenge the Methodist Church in particular - if they really care about us to postpone their annual conference this year (they can vote by ballot instead by posting their votes to Suva for their appointment recommendations) and the next year, and have the people take back the funds they are planning to raise in support of their own koro/vanua - to assist their own people in poverty - those who need to help pay for the village nurse for instance so they can keep some level of medical help around - to help for village drainage, roading and water tank schemes for example.

You see dear Talatala's, Fathers' and Bishops' , this illegal regime will not be able to pay for any of this . Look around us - signs of infrastructure cracking all around - water restrictions, potholes the size of moon craters in the roads, electricity generators starting to succumb under pressure, civil servant morale low, national productivity depressed ! I would urge you to seriously think about the people and anticipate their hardships .

I] Investors leaving Fiji faster than Leweni can say aaaaaah and NOT coming back in

Read my lips Mr Chundery - investors have lost confidence in Fiji. Why? Because even if you lure them back, what guarantees are there that in 6 months time, there won't be another stupid coup by another wannabe "strongman" ? None my man, none.

And the illegal finance illegal minister is upset no one will belive him when he complains that the last elections were rigged. Sour grapes man - get a life !

As for looking to India - Mr Chowder , we have already been colonised twice in a major way - I think you are treading on dangerous ground here. Plus there is no such thing as a free lunch - what do they want to screw out of us iTaukei now ? Please take heed of what Prof Brij Lal said recently .

J] Corruption, nepotism and cronyism on a scale you have never seen before, as a way of life.

Its like Bainimarama and Chaudary's private club ! Hey "pssst - you have a job for me?"
"Oh yes, we can dismiss that board next week and you can go back in there nevermind that you have been sacked from that organisation before - just go and sit there and pretend you know what you are doing - you can earn a nice fat per-diem for your "services" . Here's a very good example of what I am talking about !

Newly formed boards stacked with cronies and operating under skewed agendas. Also the so called anti-corruption gestapo squad so cooking evidence as they go and carrying our witch hunts against people that the regime has grudges against, and stacked to the ceiling with biased military and yes men.

This squad is Fiji's own self-styled cop, judge, jury and jailer. It's worse than a kangaroo court. No one trusts what it is doing and certainly all their decisions can be challenged in a court of law since they have been formed under an illegal decree.

K] The respect for the Fiji millitary is nationally and internationally ZERO on the score-card

The culture of BULLY and BASH people when you can't get your way (oh - includes women & children) is rife through our vanua. Look at the young boys hanging around at night just waiting to waylay someone - because they can and they think its cool - because the army has taught them its okay to do so - showing the way for our children. No respect and no manners left in the koro. Leaders not sure how or what to think. Shame on you ! Our value systems and societal moral fabric is under very very great strain and I despair for our future. My fellow blogger addresses some of these issues here

L] The disrespect the Fiji military has shown to our chiefs , the boundaries they represent and the traditional itaukei institutions

The vanua is stirring. There are many many upset people in our provinces and our villages. Our chiefs are gathering strength to rise up against this tyranny. Watch this space.

M] Delaying tactics towards general elections and no guarantees as to the events that may occur at the outcome of this

Starting with (so they think they can look good in the eyes of the UN and EU), Frank and gang coming up with something called the National Council (aka Dicktatorship Council) or the committee for the people of the people. Oilei, sounds like something out of Communist China. The idea of this committee of hundreds is a joke. Why? Because bananainpyjamas will stack it with his supporters. They will be an unrepresentative rabble. It is an insult to the people of Fiji that this mob would want to take over the Parliament of Fiji. Not to mention more of our $$ being spent for all these pretenders. Sorry pori - we want elected personnel voted by the people for the people - not your cooked up sorry excuse for a rubber stamp.

Oh, and as for the formation of the fancily titled : "National Council for Building a Better Fiji", there was a very nice press release for the illegals saying : Yes please, we want everyone can contribute, we are happy to hear from you all about this Council and what we should do and discuss etc " .... BUT what is the first thing that happened ? SDL party put forward their discussion paper with which apparently the military decided they were not happy , so they took Ted Young up and punched him in the gob! "Go figure !" as the young people say today ! So there you go people - the moral of the story is : expect to be punched in the gusu (gob) if you dare put forward your 2c worth about this new bullipupu national council.

Secondly, delaying all the unions from going on strike ... watch this space ... ongoing delays and more lies from the illegal administration.

Third , electrical voting .
Turaga! What else ?! As if we can afford this! As Karavaki says ."We should just make use of the current system, we don't need such machines to complicate matters," he told the Fiji Times. He said the interim government was just trying to delay the elections by introducing a new system of voting. Chundery says na kai idia will fund this. Again let me ask again since there is no such thing as a free lunch, how much of our collective itaukei soul are you promising India ? And without asking the people ?!

As for those people that still dont understand that we as a nation are now under a dicktatorship this is what Bai said when he was trying to trip Karavaki of his job as Supervisor of General Elections: (FijiLive) "Tell him, I dictated his termination," said Commodore Bainimarama. He added that Karavaki can "take the matter to hell for all we care". "He is a kid on the block."

I ask you - what do those statements tell us about respect, rule of law and contempt of the judicial process?

N] The complete loss of respect and integrity by the people for one of the last bastions of "protection" - the Human Rights Commission in Fiji

Headed by a coup-apologist, nothing Dr Sham Sham says anymore deserves the ink it is written on. Shamima Ali was right on the button when she commented on this 21st May. Someone called it the NO-RIGHTS commission - sa dina .

Importantly for Fiji is what does it now make of Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama's vow to uphold the Constitution and its integral value of freedom of expression? Ooolala eso tale na lasulasu. As the Fiji Times said in relation to protecting the rights of free speech in Fiji (the rights of Ro Teimumu Kepa and Qarase to speak) : "It seems the military found the heat in the kitchen too much, but rather than get out it decided to burn the house down. What will it set fire to next? .

Then the Ms. Sham Sham no-rights defender comes out saying bloggers are indulging in hate speech (where in my blog do I have anything hateful?) and other allegations about why we bloggers are base human beings. Madam we will defend to our deaths the right to point out the facts, the right to speak freely in our own country, and the right to email people and the right to talk with each other, and the right to have meetings with each other - all the rights you decide that we shouldn't/can't have.

Luvequ, raica mada - Miss Sham Sham chooses to write to the FijiTimes May 22 (if you cant find it on this link, the letter is archived at the Fiji Times for 22 May) telling us all about Voltaire instead of writing to assure the people of Fiji of her concern. Mmmmm, on reflection her take on Voltaire sounds just like her own charater. Pote!

Thomas Jefferson once said "Honesty is the first chapter in the Book of wisdom. Let it be our endeavor to merit the character of a just nation." Think about that one for a minute Ms Sham Sham.

O] The prospect of MANY MANY lengthy courtroom battles regarding this so-called "clean-up" campaign that has the potential to ensnare this nation in costly and damaging courtroom battles for years to come

(The F/T 17 May 2007 says it very succintly ) : "Dozens of career public servants have been sacked; boards of directors replaced and reputations smeared publicly based on allegations of corruption allegations that so far are just that and nothing more. The "scoreboard" for the much-lauded Anti-Corruption Unit stands at just one policeman charged with taking a bribe hardly evidence of widespread corruption in the police force, let alone the entire public service.
While the boxes of "evidence" mount at the unit and its staff search feverishly through the documentation for proof, you can be sure that those whose heads have rolled are consulting lawyers and seeking advice. Probably that advice at the moment is to sit and wait for when the time is right for when the country has fully returned to democracy.

Not until then will the nation finally see the full cost of the December 5 takeover and the subsequent "clean-up" campaign. When those whose careers have been destroyed through unsubstantiated allegations, rumours and innuendo finally get their day in court, the damage bill to this nation could easily run into tens of millions of dollars. Chief executive officers, for example, who were earning substantial salaries, will be seeking compensation for years of lost income, not to mention redress for the hurt and shame that the allegations brought on them.

The interim Government desperately needs some victories. It needs scalps to justify what has happened.
What it does not need is failed prosecutions.

Under such pressure there may be the temptation to take short-cuts and to "try" people in the public arena, hoping the humiliation will stop them taking action in the legal one. That would, of course, be a very short-sighted and foolish assumption to make."

P] Bullshitting their way to an "election date" that will never come

Bai and cronies promised the EU 2008 for elections. See above [G]. Then they come with a poor excuse for hanging onto their Dictatorship reigns - oh but we need to do a census first. And then another excuse, oh but we need electronic voting. And then Chundery announces to India - not in Fiji , not to the itaukei, that he has decided elections will be held in June 2010 .

Lasulasu Chundery !

Come on, come clean you people sitting in the corridors with the illegal power - are you telling the truth to the nation ? Or do you prefer we find this out for ourselves ?

There are many many rumours around about the story that Bai and Co are determined that there will never be another election while they are in power !

Now think about that people and whether you are prepared to face YEARS of these people sitting on you - telling you how, when and where you are to talk, walk and work.
Fiji doesn't think so !


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Anonymous said...

Well said!!!One can almost visualize where this great nation is heading. Lets hope not. I remembered I openly suggesting to my friends @ NLTB in 2000 after the coup that Chaudary will be back and in a big way.

Au sa sega sara tuga ni vakabauta na ka sa yaco tu qo ena noda vanua. People are pretending that everything is okay in our country.

Anonymous said...

I just hope VB and the boys up at Delainabua will realise sooner rather than later the evil motives that Chaudary has. Hello, he prays to a snake God and in our Bible??, that is Satan! He really does not care about our Viti Lomani, he is on a mission to destroy it. That's his one and only fervent wish. The abolition and destruction (by bloodbath amongst themselves)of the Kawa i Taukei

Anonymous said...

Qori tu - sa qai lako mai na memo vei keimami ena matanitu baleta na neitou fuel ration. Ia ia ! na leqa levu e tu nei keimami e Viti ena gauna oqo ! And Chaundry still talks like we are all happy happy in government. I have never seen morale so bad in all my 20 years of working here. Vinaka vei kemuni na bloggers - keep it coming. We rely on you to give us our daily news and our laughs - we need it as we are tamani stressed.

Anonymous said...

please make your site more accessible to visually impaired persons. like reading it but to small and too much color.

Discombobulated Bubu said...

Isa vosota luvequ - hope this is better for you.

Anonymous said...

Great article, this is what everyone needs to read in fiji and the world to get a perfect picture of what these people are doing to our beloved country. This should be saved and emailed to as many people as possible.Good job and keep them coming.
p.s. the color for heading of human rights section too close to background color using IE making it impossible to read.

Anonymous said...

Your depiction of the meke with turban is racist and insulting ti sikhs like me. I think you are being racist here by degrading Indian tourists. This artisle smecks of racism, and i think you should remove it.

Anonymous said...

Vinaka Bubu for a great check on what's happening around us. Beat me to it :).

Frightening really. We need to get this out to the masses.

oh and check out the latest online news re: Fiji freedom bloggers

Take care and stay safe.

Anonymous said...

This article does NOT "smeck" of racism.

It is talking about the truth - Chaudhry's the racist. He turns everything into a racial issue so he can take his revenge on the indigenous for 1- being abducted and beaten up in the '87 coup. 2-being couped out of office in 2000
3- just being chaudhry to set up a power play to take over unused land in this country and use it for his power base with his supporters. promise them land and have them in his pocket.

Nothing racial about the truth.

Anonymous said...

To Anon 10.44 pm. The picture is what they call "taking the mickey" or "taking the piss". You have obviously lost your sense of humour - if you ever had one in the first place ! 2 things for you - our country has been raped seriously by the goons and all you can talk about is your turban ! Arre yarr - man get a life ! And no.2, since when did the sikhs have a monopoly on the turban? Fijians used to wear turbans too many years ago so get off the grass with your high and mighty presumptions. I would have rather heard where your opinion lay in regards to what is happening in our land - so far the majority of the Indians that I speak to and work with everyday think Bai and Chowdry are the next best thing to curry ! FACT mate ! And quite frankly, having to see these coup-supportes and coup-apolgists everyday puts me right off my tapioca ! Where do you stand on all this - turban-wearer ?

Anonymous said...

This must be the prosperous future that Bai, Barr & Yabaki promised us when trying to commiserate and soothe the outrage and shock around the nation in the immediate aftermath of 5/12.

Anonymous said...

To Raho above: don't comapre me to Chaudhry, this article is disturbing all sikhs by ridiculing the turban. I hope you remove it.

Anonymous said...

Hey anon 7:02 pm - if all you can talk about is your turban when the country is crying and deeply disturbed, you have something wrong with you - didnt you read what anon 3:05 pm said ! Get a life !