May 11, 2007

The cows are coming home

Fiji' s Military Dicktator once said in a moment of Strongman Madness and clapped on by his purile fans dressed in green "We can argue on the legality of the government until the cows come home."

Well as you can see Mr DickTator, the cows ARE coming home, and this 'cow' will hold out a signpost for you to look at everyday until you get off the grass, stop chewing the nation's fat (whats left of it), and go plug yourself into an halal abattoir somewhere so we the nation's citizens can rebuild what is left of our shattered sovereignty.


bulumakau said...

Qori sa vakarau yaco gona mai qo na bulumakau - dou yavu wakakau!

Na manu manu ni Vanua Balavu na bulumakau!

Anonymous said...

haha vinaka bulumakau

Anonymous said...

Hey how come you forgot to put George Speight and Qarase's photos here. Qarase for his work on suppresing Indians in Fiji through affirmative action policies. Qarase even said he is pro Fijian only. What does this mean? Anti Indian ofcourse. But why you guys do this since you are pro SDL bunch with a short term agenda. I doubt you would even publish this!!

I'm a Flying Fijian said...

Hey! Hey! Shut Up and calm down...If you dont like what we do tour Land Land, Back OFF!!!.Go back to yours so you can be peaceful. Va ya!And be reminded that we are not SDL but we are FIJIANS...! What are you Flying Indian or Sailing Indian! .

Anonymous said...

I have been tracking down on all these dictators, and found out that they are all on a mission that it controlled by the Jesuit Order who controls the New World Order.
So, watch it,they all are under an assignment to over throw their own country so that the Jesuit Order can control the country from their base that is at the Council of Trend.
This is a serious issue and all these dictators will not step back until the Jesuit Order says so.
Just for your information, Bainimarama is controled by the Jesuit and that means that the Mossad, the CIA, the Scotland Yard and so forth secret agent are backing him up for all the secret agents are creations of the Jesuit Order.
Therefore, please becareful with the blog and watch your back just to warn all the blog agents. Am sending you all this just to remind you that the Jesuit Order are out there to kill whoever tries to stop their agendas. One example how cruel they are, just think of the September 11 twin tower bombing. It is the set up by the Jesuit Order so they can control America through the help of their alter boy George W. Bush who is a member of the skull and bone secret society. And now they are in control by getting rid of the American Constitution which was a stumbling block to their agenda. Now America is runing the country with their made up law of order called the Patriots Act and the Homeland Security Act. Another one which is happening right now in Irag so they can control the Middle East.
Thank you all for your great works. Please keep it up. I have been distributing all your blog site to who ever I know around the globe. God bless you all and please do not be too sure when talking to strangers they could be messangers from the Jesuit Order.

Anonymous said...

To anon , May 17: you seem to be flying without wings. Tortoise should not pretend to be birds. Come down to earth. What land you are talking about? The land that is lying idle and full of grown grass? Good, you eat that grass.