May 15, 2007

Remind us again - who has the gun ?

Bubu is really disgusted . Imagine the country is being held to ransom by buffoons dressed in military fatigues who consider they are not able to lift the emergency decree because of "on-going" threats to "national security".

First, someone, remind us again - who has the guns ?
Now lets examine these so called threats and ask ourselves the question - what is the army SO afraid of? :

1) a few cyber scribes armed with nothing but a computer , courage and their own brain cells telling the world on their blogs what's really going on in our country, and who are expressing their God-given rights to speak freely. And the army want to close our blogs down . (Well boys try if you want to - we will be your worst nightmare!)

2) And, Losena Salabula, according to one young Col Mara is a threat to national security ?! Give us a break dear boy.

And by the way, this is apparently the lady that taught you in Class 3. Where is the respect ?

Not to mention threatening women ..................... wow - such a manly thing to do !

Congratulations you have brought Fiji's once highly esteemed army down to a laughing stock. Why don't you go pick on someone your own size ? You are nothing but a BULLY.

One of the hardest lessons you will have to learn in your life young man, is that to earn respect, you have to give it !

Hmmmm - who else is a threat to national security ? I am very hard pressed to think who else there may be ?

Instead of picking up innocent good law-abiding Christian citizens like Ulai Taio, and using 8 soldiers to bash this HARMLESS man who you stripped naked and humiliated, why don't you army boys try cleaning up your own backyards, cleansing your hearts and minds and doing the right thing by Fiji.

Lay down your weapons and go back inside your bai. Let the country be run by people who are chosen by us Fiji's citizens. Go back to your wives and children, your vanua and seek their forgiveness for what you have done to them and to the rest of us.

I thank the Lord that Ulai Taoi has a very deep faith in his God.

To you Ulai, we say you are a hero - you keep the courage of your convictions and have shown the evil you have faced the stuff you are made of.

The Lord's Prayer is for you , and all of us who stood behind you while in your time of despair.

God bless you Ulai Taoi, and God bless the bloggers. Blog on blog on ! You will NEVER shut us up.

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