May 30, 2007

Fiji News Topical Issues

There have been several issues lately - all as important as each other so I highlight these here via a series of great letters to the Editor today (30 May 07) in the Fiji Times reproduced here :

"No evidence

WE are still waiting for the evidence of corruption against the SDL government which warranted a coup.
Instead, we are getting the same report that the Auditor General used to give us annually.

Reports of corruption by senior civil servants have been there long before we knew about coups.

The only difference is that this time they have to form a new institution to investigate and duplicate the work of the Auditor General.

We have legal avenues to deal with corruption, just like what happened to Kunatuba and Shiu Raj.
They were taken to court for alleged corruption well before this Independent Commission Against Corruption came to being.

No amount of corruption warrants an illegal overthrow at gunpoint.

We must all respect the rule of law. It means that, because your brother robbed me does not give me the right to lay a hand on him, let alone rob him or even kill him.
It allows me only to report it to police, and let the court deal with it.

Utiko Nabunobuno - Lautoka"


It is a shame that whilst watching the Secondary Schools Music Festival, I was moved to tears to think that our beautiful youth are having to live through this nightmare time in Fiji - what on earth are the lessons being inculcated in Fiji having to watch the idiocies presented by the goons in green - intimidation, gestapo like tactics, the military's rape and disrespect of our traditional institutes and of law and order in Fiji - all these things we are in danger of accepting as "normal" . Please be aware these things are far from normal and we should never be complacent about this. We must remember to continue teaching our children about respecting the proper law and order (which is NOT via the gun) , and respecting family values and principles in life. _________

Also an issue that not many people are seeing - but that is rearing it's very ugly head is how certain people in the ear of the Dicktator are talking about taking our itaukei land from us. Read Sai Lelea's letter here :

"Native lands

Fijians may wish to ponder on why the issue around the possible alienation of Fijian native lands is being raised now.

I invite them to examine the intentions of these people and the timing.

It should be nakedly obvious how Fijians regard as sancrosanct the issue of native lands, let alone the potential for it to be opened up for exploitation by others.
It is also clear these people would not be raising such a topic unless they perceive the timing for it is right and that it would receive a sympathetic hearing from those in authority.

Fijians in the current regime had better decide if they want to be party to that form of deception.

People behind this idea may regard land merely as a resource and commodity.
However, they must remember that when it comes to land for Fijians, rationality has only a minor place, as we are dealing with issues intimately connected to a peoples' values and what defines them and their existence.

Any credible government must be alert to this reality because as the global environment forces nations to look internally to deal with all the various crises, there will be a tendency to seek refuge and affirmation in one's own institutional practices, culture and values.

Fijians are engaging in precisely this and that is why they will come out of the crisis in Fiji and the trampling of their institutions by the regime much stronger and affirmed as a people.
For the future, this resurgence will result in them challenging the State and its intentions and meting out retaliations to others they regard as traitors to the cause and collaborators, in downgrading their status as indigenous peoples. However, the alternative as seen in smarter nations is to embrace and support indigenous peoples as the focal point and focus for forging unity and common identity.

When they do well, the nation flourishes and has a proud sense of purpose.
To do that in Fiji is to accelerate the economic development of Fijians, with them leading the journey and offering partnership with others. Regrettably, the current regime and its supporters are leap years away from doing such a thing.

Sai Lelea


and read Fiji Free Speech's comments on this and other matters here . iTaukei must question this development in Fiji very closely. Obviously Sahu Khan and cronies would not have raised this topic without feeling very comfortable they could get away with it.
Very Very very very suspicious ! And very very very dangerous ! And we the itaukei must question the motives for this NOW !


And vinaka to Mere Samisoni for telling it like it is :

"People's Charter

The People's Charter is a nave proposal for social engineering to be implemented by the National Committee for Building a Better Fiji who will advise the President.
The theme of the document purports to oppose race-based policies. It then contradicts that theme by advising strategy-making supported by public relations interventions in the vernacular specifically targeting indigenous business.

Whoever wrote this document has done a copy and paste job obviously.

The whole text contradicts the theory, science and art of strategic-marketing which must discern multi-ethnic, multi-cultural and marketing intelligence in order to link them meaningfully to success factors.

Such theoretical framework is based on motivation so local intervention type policies can be created, targeted, measured and monitored for changes at input that result in improvements at output that can grow the economy.
In other words, unless we use local data and differentiators, Fiji's discrete multi-ethnic and multi-cultural market needs and preferences will not be met. It would be like to trying to hit a target without looking at it. The contradictions and disconnections between market realities and policy design is symptomatic of ignorance of the fact that forcefully-imposed and arbitrary policies based on flawed reasoning can't change culture.

The so-called People's Charter has arisen due to an unwillingness to use the democratic process of freedom, identity, diversity and synergy that is the only sustainable path for developing a peaceful multiethnic society.

The PC cannot be sustained by the power of the gun' brand either.
In the Fiji context, this document is structurally flawed in vision, design and motive.

The NCBBF will continue to slip and slide on that unsure foundation and is therefore a sure recipe for ongoing political instability.

Mere Samisoni MP Lami Open"


And the Economy is again in the news with Waradi saying he is worried. Well perhaps this soon to be issued stamp indicates how our economy really is.


And finally today , poor Alanieta Rabaka is still waiting to hear who murdered her son - as I said in an earlier Blog, another day another lie by the illegal junta.

It is not funny anymore. It never was

Mum cries foul over investigations delay

Fijilive Tuesday May 29, 2007

Distraught Nadi mother, Alanieta Rabaka says she is ‘shocked’ that police have not wrapped up investigations into her son’s death after he was allegedly beaten by Fiji Military soldiers early this year.

She said despite sufficient evidence gathered by police no one has been prosecuted for the alleged murder of 19-year old Sakiusa Rabaka.
Rabaka died of brain hemorrhage after he was picked up by six soldiers and a police officer on suspicions of peddling drugs.

Acting Police Commissioner, Romanu Tikotikoca says they will need to take statements of suspects and eyewitnesses again because original statements which were electronically recorded, malfunctioned.

"I am not surprised with all these lies because they have been doing this ever since they began their investigations." "These are delaying tactics which the police are good at but they cannot fool me," Rabaka said. "If they do come again for an interview from my family members we will ‘refuse’ to give them because this is not funny anymore." "How can they be so unreliable and this has caused hurt to my family."

Alanieta - don't give up fighting - there are many people behind you. Keep the faith ! And keep your steadfast trust in God.

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