Jun 12, 2007


Bubu cannot let Fiji Times article on 11 June quoting Bainimarama go unchalleged

In its article headed " Bainimarama challenges Ratu Joni", the FT quotes Bainimarama as saying :

"FORMER vice-president Ratu Joni Madraiwiwi's efforts to sensationalise matters and bring race into play will not derail the efforts of the interim Government to set strategic priorities for good governance and prepare a roadmap for true sustainable parliamentary democracy in Fiji, says interim Prime Minister Commander Voreqe Bainimarama."

Bubu says :
Rt Joni's wise comments are not sensationalizing anything. He is merely telling the truth, and yes his comments and the people's comments WILL happily derail the Military Regime's MISGUIDED and ILLEGAL efforts to "save" Fiji. The only thing the army is concerned about is displaying it's armed prowess , alienating the iTaukei and placing back into positions of power failed politicians and others with very warped agendas. This is Bai's "roadmap" . Talkfests about "national-reform" are being used by the KoManDa to justify intimidation of people who strongly voice their opposition to the takeover , and increasingly more excuses used to delay elections. The best "roadmap" for Bai will be to go back to barracks, resign and go to the vanua to seek forgiveness NOW before it is too late.

FT quotes Bainimarama:
Commander Bainimarama said people of Fiji should not forget the fundamental reasons which led to the political transition of 5 December, 2006. He said :''Fiji was badly governed by Qarase-led Government."

Bubu says :
I challenge BaiNiGovernor to provide the PROOF - we have been waiting 6 months and all you can come up with badly handled "evidence" from a con-man called Foster. Oilei luvequ's! Qai desparado or what! This is an example of typical slanderous statements made only by Bai and a few cronies vs the Whole of The Nation of Fiji who democratically elected Qarase and his government in warts and all. Qarase was doing a fabulous job in the scheme of things - taking us forward and away from the coup culture. The only "bad" thing he did was not succeeding in down-sizing the army and relacing Bai as KoManDa.

FT quotes Bainimarama:
" Nepotism, fraud and corruption were well accepted norms of that Government."

Bubu says :
This is yet another example of a parrot like statement that provides no substance. Get this Bai - corruption has been , is still and will be part of any society starting from the beginning of the ape-era. Corruption will be found in any society, small or big - it takes years to uproot - and this is done by implementing well researched workplace systems of job appraisals, work performance check-lists, & good supervisory checks and balance systems. Corruption was here in Mara's period, Chaudrys period, Bavadra's period and it is especially even more so still here in Bai's period. Plus this "excuse" is NO excuse to take over the running of any democratically elected government. NEVER! Anyway Nepotism, fraud and corruption is being seen by the public of Fiji BIG TIME under this military dicktatorship - I mean how many of Bai's family are leading figures in the illegal administration ? How many military cronies have been placed on Boards and in other positions in Government ? Helllooooo ! And how's this for a great big huge fat LIE today : - more lies on the way .....
Oh and, more cronies to be placed in diplomatic posts and to the UN.
Wait there's more - what about all the interference in the Judiciary and Statutory Bodies in Fiji and all the cronies placed in these arena's!

FT quotes Bainimarama:
" It was nationalist in orientation and was leading the country to a disastrous path through introduction of controversial legislations and policies. "

Bubu says :
There is nothing wrong with Nationalism when it is tempered with due processes and when it exists in a healthy climate of debate. Nationalism remains a force to be reckoned with in the real politik arena of Fiji. It tempers those that would try and sabotage the aspirations of the itaukei - such as we are seeing now with Sahu-Kahn and his contentious plan to wrest the land away from itaukei. Nationalism has a place in this world. The Reconciliation, Tolerance and Unity Bill, went through and was going through it's layers of tempering - this Bill would have seen the TRUTH of the previous coups emerge. Bai did not want this truth coming out. This is one of the reasons he was so against this Bill. Add to this Commissioner Andrew Hughes had information that would have exposed Bai and his cronies. So Bai mouthed off about the Bill when in reality , these aforementioned reasons were the real deal. The there was the Qoliqoli Bill - an awesome Bill that was to go through the tempering processes and that would have helped the itaukei hugely. Unfortunately, certain people in the Hospitality arena took it the wrong way and bent/paid Bai to listen, so off he went down that path with his illogical reasoning. How much did you get paid Bai for wearing this argument ? The reason we have a democratic process is that these things can be talked about and worked through our representatives whom we voted into Parliament. There was NO excuse for Bai to come in and usurp these ordinary workings of a nation going about it's daily work.

FT quotes Bainimarama:
"All those malpractices were denying the common and grassroots people of this country the opportunity to secure decent jobs and income.What kind of democracy was that where people were being exploited by a handful of power hungry politicians for their own benefits?'' "

Bubu says:

Yea ? Prove this statement Mr Bai ! We know the country was gowing well and prospering under Qarase and his government ! Go and see the Reserve bank - they can give you the figures ! There is more unemployment and more crime produced by the Military stupidness in 6 months that ever before in the history of this nation ! Also it is becoming clearer by the day that Bai's grab for power in nothing but a personal vendetta and witch hunt against people he perceived as "tall poppies" , anyone who is/has associated with Qarase and the SDL party, or known opponents of the junta. It was evident that this was done through pure spite and vindictiveness especially as accusations without any proof or substance were spouted daily in Fijian on Radio Fiji One. VERY funny eh, that none of these amazing accusations and reports of grave "evils" were never repeated on the English Stations !

FT quotes Bainimarama:
Commander Bainimarama said "Fiji has been suffering from deep-rooted structural problems, a governance environment severely warped by the dominance of parochial ethnic politics and with an increasing incidence of corruption and lawlessness."

Bubu says :
It is now well known that Bai has wanted to take revenge on certain chiefs and others in the community for actions in the past. It is extremely unfortunate that he decided to sabotage a whole nation and endanger it's people because of his megalomania - this is really what Bai means about "deep-rooted structural problems". When Bai talks about "ethnic politics", there he goes again trying to save the nation with his own brand of whatever that means. I guess we now see what this means - it means placing all the Indians of the Fiji Labour Party in Government - to "redistribute ethnicity" - like chess pieces - you go there and you go there - and all these people now "owe" Franky. How much are these people paying you Franks? Oh and who wrote this rebuttal for you?

FT quotes Bainimarama:
''Certainly at this time when we are trying to rise from the ashes and are making inroads to moving the country forward, Fiji does not deserve highly sensational and damaging speeches like those of Ratu Madraiwiwi. If he has contributions to make, it would be more prudent to do that in dialogue with us rather than presenting a paper at a seminar in Australia,'' Commander Bainimarama said.

Bubu says :
Let Bubu point it out to you again Mr Frankdaligatuli - the reason no one wants to dialogue with you is because you :

(a) dont'/won't listen to anyone
(b) have your own agenda anyway so it's a waste of breath
(c) it has been proven that if we peasants state an opinion, or indeed send an email or look up a blog (look at this articleand listen here to what happened to a student at USP) , we get beaten and bashed, or even killed (remember Tevita, Nimilote and Sakiusa?)
(d) it is proven that you really don't want to HEAR what people have to say as you have made up your own mind anyway
(e) it doesn't matter what opinions other people have , especially if they go against you, because you have other mis-guided, ill-informed and ill-advised coup-apologists whispering in your tapioka-filled ears!
(f) if Rt Joni's speech was sensational and damaging and racist, what about Chaudry's utterances, Sahu-Khan's paper, Shamsham's coup justification paper, and Aiyaz's thesis ? Gotta be consistent in your calls Frankiebaby - one rule for all - not as you determine when you determine because you can ! Anyone would think you were a Dicktator !

PS - the only ashes in Fiji are the ashes you have created are your own.

Ratu Joni Madraiwiwi was absolutely correct when he questioned the aims of Fiji's current so called leaders, describing the progress of the country as being like an 'Alice in Wonderland' journey.


Anonymous said...

LONG LIVE RATU JONI - a very wise man indeed. It's a shame that we have to waste our breath and our time on such an idiot like Bainicoka. Excellent poster Bubu - I have downloaded the poster and emailed it to everyone I can think of - in Fiji and overseas. LOL! Go Bu !

Anonymous said...

To Frank Bainimarama
My message is self expanatory. What's the point you don't listen anyway.
By the way great article bubu....it's
obvious his Indofijian friends wrote this for him.
Ra dau kaya ga na wekaqu mai naitasiri.'na kwa vakaloloma ni o warai mo kila na ka o va tukune!

Anonymous said...

Dear Friends

Greetings from Sydney. I write to seek your assistance via your website to convey "A Prayer For Fiji"to people (of all faiths!) across the archipelago of the Republic of Fiji. They might like to say the prayer at 10am.

First, let me tell you how I first heard "A Prayer For Fiji" recited by my friend and dear neighbour, Sala, who is an old lady who originally comes from Fiji. It was several Sundays ago at our bible stody group that precedes our 11am Divine Family Service.

We were discussing the wonderful promises that Our Dear Lord Jesus Christ made in his merciful Father's name (John 16:23 and Matthew 21:22) when Sala told us she had composed her "Prayer for Fiji".

When Sala recite "A Prayer for Fiji" it was the voice of Our Lord, because it was the Authentic Voice of Love and Forgiveness. Then, when I asked if I could help spread the workd to our brothers and sisters in Fiji, Sala smiled beautifully and Pastor Willam proclaimed the plan as "a brilliant idea" that would be doing good work for the Lord.

So I am sending you this email with Sala's inspiring words (see below).

Sala sends her wishes and asks that you share her prayer and that you take care of yourselves and each other. Please email me with any messages to Sala because she doesn't have a computer which I know is yet another reason why The Lord whispered to me to be her messenger.

Yours sincerely in Christian friendship, Trevor M. Johnson. (trevmjohnson@yahoo.com.au)


"Prayer for Fiji

Dear God, please bless Fiji!

In these difficult times since the soldiers siezed power, our beloved country is suffering in all sorts of ways.

Dear God, we know in our hearts that You in Your divine ways can help the Fiji people overcome these times of unhappiness.

So we pray that Your strength and goodness will help us to forgive those men who have acted against the interests of the ordinary people.

We also pray for the families of the innocent victims of the soldiers' violence.

Please, Dear Lord, show guidance to Voreqe Bainimarama. Please call him back to the paths of righteousness so that he can do the right thing by the people of Fiji.

And if he does do the right thing, we Christians know we must forgive him his sins, just as You, Dear Father, forgive us our sins.

Dear Lord, we pray that Your almighty hand will shield Fiji people from further violence and allow them to live in true happiness and decency in a society that respects human rights, the rule of law and Christian values.

We ask this in the name of Your Beloved Son, Jesus Christ. Amen."


Written in May 2007 by Sala of Sydney, Australia, for the people of Fiji.

Anonymous said...

Yeah...your posters are great!

Frankie does not understand the word "dialogue"..

Bloody *#$&%^@@(!

Anonymous said...

Mmmm Trevor - the forgiveness part is going to be very difficult esp. when Sakiusa was one of my relatives and it breaks our heart to think of what it must have been like for him to be dying while being beaten with no one of his family around and no God in sight.I am not the only one questioning where my God is and where he is taking us. The reality is very very hard. We are all victims in Fiji and unnecessarily so because of one major idiot/madman.

Anonymous said...

A National Day For Prayer. Say a prayer for Fiji tomorrow citizens.Thursday, June 14. I will be at Sukuna Park @ 1: p.m wearing black. Before you break for lunch, wherever you are say a prayer for all the suffering and hardship people are going through today, those without jobs, those without food and children who cannot go to school. Those who have lost loved ones, lets pray for them. Sa cakacaka tiko na vu ni ca e Viti. Meda masulaki na noda Viti lomani. Kemuni na noda mai vavalagi, please say a prayer at the appointed hour. If you can go without food on that day and break after your prayers, believe that there is power in prayer, then let God do the talking after that. Pass this message around.
God Bless Fiji.

Anonymous said...

1. Actions speak louder than words, and Frank’s actions show he wouldn’t know what "good governance" was if it bit him on the a…! How can anyone claim to be formulating a roadmap to sustainable democracy when dependable representatives of the majority population are being excluded from that process;
2. The people are the judge of "bad governance", not Bainimarama! By most estimates, this Government is "hands down" the worst ever in terms of abiding good governance principles;
3. If nepotism, fraud and corruption were the hallmarks of the previous Government, then how about this IR? On all these counts, they are worse! And on top of that, you can add Murder, Torture, Human Rights Abuse, Arbitrary Sackings (lacking natural justice), Loss of Free Speech etc;
4. How was so-called "controversial" legislation leading Fiji on a path to disaster? What does he know, and what expertise does he have? All we know for sure is that we are undeniably heading towards disaster now! At least we could have voted Qarase out if his policies failed to deliver. What can we do with these fools who don’t know what they’re doing, and aren’t willing to listen to those who do?
5. What about the thousands of people who are being denied the opportunity to work even in the jobs they had before 5/12, or at the pay rate enjoyed back then? How has the malpractice of the coup culture propagated by Bai made things any better for them?
6. What severe warping is he referring to? As usual for this IR, they are fond of using vague generalisations that do not refer to any known events in reality. And again, how does the increase in state corruption and lawlessness now, cure the incidence of it pre 5/12?
7. Ratu Join’s speech is merely a straight-shooting assessment of reality in Fiji. Bai’s appears to have been written on Mars, in reference to events taking place there. Ratu Joni was invited to give that assessment at ANU by the authorities there. Nobody with the authority asked Bai to do his coup here, and neither have they asked Ratu Joni for his contributions here either. Where would that leave us anyway, since Ratu Joni would most likely just give them sage advice based on the realities of the situation, whereas these guys are only interested in listening to views which jibe with their pet theories anyway. Ratu Joni’s speech was in his own words, and derived from his own cerebral deliberations. Bai’s speech was penned for him, and it is unlikely that he understands the full meaning of the text, let alone its real world consequences.

Discombobulated Bubu said...

Hear hear anon - well said !

Anonymous said...

Vinaka Bu! Let's not let them get away with this "repeating the lie" propaganda!

Bainimarama is still trying to push the lie that the only way to deal with corruption was through treason. Rubbish! Nobody with any perspective common sense believes that.
His views on the pre-5/12 state of the nation are nothing more than the opinions of a layman, and an unpopular one at that. This kind of know-it-all self-centredness is "par for the course" for most coup-supporting apologists. They think that just because they have an opinion, that makes it an expert opinion, or even a fact. But in reality, they are just tales "told by idiots, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing!"
Yet they still want to commit treason has cost three lives, many jobs, hundreds of millions of dollars, free speech, common sense, the rule of law and democracy. Fools!

Anonymous said...

great analysis if only bai can understand it but he is so ulukau he will not

Anonymous said...

I'd like to see FB explain this statement on National TV in his own words - Probably no use, the host will have to explain it for him.

Unknown said...

Let the military know what you think. Why not RING THEM UP!

Here's an idea - it's possible to ring the barracks in Suva, and when you get the automated message, pick an extension at random (I chose 211 from memory), and tell them what you think.

The number is as follows:

(plus two seven nine three three eight five two two two)

They're getting a bit sneaky now - the last time I looked them up in the Fiji white pages they were listed under Queen Elizabeth Barracks, in Maddocks Road, Suva, but now, after a lot of looking, there is only a listing under RFDF.

Feel free to spread the word !