Jun 11, 2007

Running Fiji at the point of the Gun

What does it say for us as a people and a society that we let this happen to us ? Thank you Mr Rova for reiterating what I have been saying all along.

Letter to the Editor in today's Fiji Times (11 June 2007)

"Role models

Those who lend their active or passive support to the military coup, or the military-dominated regime it has espoused, should not be wringing their hands and bemoaning any rise in violent crime.

The young people of this nation have just witnessed a group of citizens using weapons to achieve power and all the perks that come with it.

They have witnessed these acts of lawbreaking, bullying, and thuggery being rewarded recognition and immunity from prosecution by those we should be able to look up to, to protect law and order in Fiji.

Worse still, a senior military officer has just been made head of our Police Force!

The mess resulting from the coup has pushed large numbers of people into desperate survival mode and aimlessness: a proven recipe for increased crime.

It has shown us that grabbing what belongs to others using violence, or threats of violence, pays.
This legacy will continue to poison the minds of the youth of this nation unless we as parents, educators, and caring citizens stand up for what is right.

Community and business leaders should be reflecting on this, not calling short-sightedly for the return of soldiers to the street, or conveniently condoning the military's growing grip on almost every facet of our national life.

R. Rova

Come on Fiji ! Let us do something positive.
Let us pray for Fiji together. Collectively our voice will pray for commonsense and healing to prevail on our long journey back to democracy and respect, and to the rule of law and justice.

Whatever your religion, if you are in Suva, bring your friends, colleagues and co-workers and your lunches to Sukuna Park on Thursday 14 June at 1pm and let us join hands in prayer for our nation.

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Anonymous said...

Thank You Bubu, we will all be there to pray for Fiji. Those of you out of Fiji, please pray for us at the appointed hour 1: 00 p.m Fiji Time!
God Bless Our Fiji. Much Love.